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Don't use if you have mild/severe acne
on 20/12/2013
This is a very different wash from all of the acne washes that i have used throughout my life lol the was is like a gel, and when you wash your face it does not foam, and it will never foam no matter how much of the gel or water you use. This is good just for a morning face wash every once in a while but not as an acne solution. Don't use this product if you are trying to remove make up because it takes forever since it doesn't foam. Also, this will be somewhat good for people that have oily skin like I do, it dries the skin, but not in a harmful way.
Good wash
on 20/12/2013
I have bad acne, I gave this product a try a few months back. It's a very good product in terms of making your face bright and smooth. I have oily skin and this product controlled the oil very well, but it did not help with my acne as much as i wanted it to, it's just good for once every few days to scrub and brighten the skin, but not as a good acne solution. I would recommend this to someone who has very little acne.
on 20/12/2013
This product is "okay". I would recommend this to someone who has very litte to mild acne. I've been using this for over a month and a half or two and i haven't seen much change in my skin, if anything it has gotten worse. I like the fact that it is a nice scrub, but the solution in this product hasn't done any wonders to me. What sucks is that if you have irritated or broken skin, the little scrub particles will get stuck into your skin and your skin will heal over it. I now have like 3 spots on my skin where the little scrub particles are stuck and i can't get them out without picking at it. This shouldn't be used for people with severe acne, only good for a fresh mask & scrub.