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acne miracle
on 18/12/2013
I started RoAccutane which I believe is just the English version of Accutane in June 2010 at the age of 15. My acne was localised to my back and shoulders as I am fortunate to not suffer from acne on my face. I had tried several oral and topical acne treatments from my doctor before starting RoAccutane, all of which did not have any effect, resulting in me being referred to a dermatologist. I started on a low dose of RoAccutane which did not seem to be improving my skin so after around 5 months my dosage was increased. This was when I started seeing results. My once cystic acne was decreasing month by month. I still got the occasional small red bumps but they never turned into spots and went away after a few days. Whilst I was on my course of RoAccutane I was also prescribed the Dianette Oral Contraceptive Pill which was mandatory whilst I was taking RoAccutane. The main side effects I experienced were dry skin and lips which were easily sorted with moisturiser and lip balm, I did not experience these infamous "depression" side effects which I don't doubt may be possible but I didn't get any more moody than a typical 15 year old. Although the need for a blood test once a month was a pain especially due to my dislike of needles, I soon got over them and was reassured that my progress on the course was being monitored. I was taken off RoAccutane the following year, in June 2012, after it was agreed by both me and my dermatologist that my acne was gone and hopefully stayed that way. Since finishing my course my acne has stayed away and my back and shoulders remain clear, I occasionally get the odd small pimple due to obvious female hormones but other than that my skin is finally perfect.<br/>I hope this review helps and I cannot recommend this product enough. Fortunately in the UK I did not have to pay for my prescription of RoAccutane but if I did I definitely would have, this product has changed my life.