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Sulfer is good stuff
on 11/12/2013
I am new on here and clicked to review Sulfur and this product came up so I will just tell you, I am 33 and the past year have been dealing with hormone changes from just getting older and significant stress, like house fire stress. Even been dealing with cystic acne. Out of all the products and or a couple prescriptions even, I found a product that worked right at the first day and maybe by day 3 for the cystic types I could almost peel away the dried out pimple.<br/>The product I found was at GNC its a solid bar made from a Co called Grandpa's, its less then $6 and its main ingredient is Sulfer, yea it stinks like a geyser at Jellystone national park but its one of the only things that have worked for me.<br/>I have used Clearasil before and it would prob be my second choice as far as buying an over the counter product.<br/>I never even really washed my face much before that, when I do thats when I seen breakouts and I always looked much younger then my age. Eat right and drink water and get walking. Not much you can do about hormones but you can help balance them. Since I have not been doing enough for myself/activity- for medical reasons, Im experimenting with temp alt solutions and ways to increase cell turnover as well for dull looking skin.<br/>Secondly, the face scrub I more recently used and liked is from Walgreens its gritty and feels warm applying it Eclos Plant Cell scrub. Its nice to use 2-3 days a week for me as I like these things best in moderation.
Past experience
on 11/12/2013
What I remember most about this product is I had colored pillow cases and this product bleached them, not white but lightened the fabric quite a bit. Took me awhile to figure out the cause.