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  1. Help with Spironolactone?!!

    The week before your period estrogen plummets and therefore those changes make you more susceptible to hormonal acne flareups. I experienced the same thing throughout adulthood. Have you thought of changing your pill to Yas or Yasmin? The birth control acts similarly to Spiro in blocking the Androgen, which is really the problem. Decreased Estrogen and increased Free testosterone can also be a problem for acne sufferers. Honestly if you are already taking the pill, I would try this BCP first and then perhaps a low dose of Spiro. I would also see if you can find a doctor in your area, gyno that may already be familiar with Spiro. I have an endocrinologist that monitors my hormones, is incredibly knowledgeable and prescribes my Spiro.
  2. Upping Spiro dosage

    Hi there! I wanted to share my experience. I have been on Spiro for almost 4 years now and have changed my dose a few times. I am at the highest dose I've been at 125mg/day. When I changed last winter, I did break out for a few months. Not as bad as the first breakout, but it was during winter and I do think my dry skin/lotion that I was using did not help. once I stopped using the Cerave and switched to the glycolic AHA moisturizer my skin cleared up. I also used the makeupartistchoice home peels to help. Honestly, doctors don't really know how you will react, it is hormonal and it takes 2-3 months for your hormones to balance out. Did you get your hormones tested to see what was going on, if anything changes in the last year? Dairy and sugar free help keep me free and clear on Spiro and highly recommend to anyone as well. Let me know if I can offer any other support or experience.
  3. My progress on spironolactone!

    Hi DesperateVegan! Sending you some unsolicited encouragement to keep on this journey you are on. I've been on Spiro almost 4 years. I documented the first part of my journey on here, it took a solid 5-6 months before clarity was something I could believe in. At the time I was on BCP and 75 mg. I too had redness/hyper pigmentation lingering and the Makeupartist choice peels were the best thing to help clear my skin, keep the clogs from happening or inflaming and I still use the peels weekly. Mandelic, Salcylic are great for redness and current breakouts. So gentle and easy to use. As for triggers- SUGAR, caffeine and carbs are the culprit if you have hormonal acne. Working out as in lifting heavy weights may lead to an increase in testosterone, so that is something to think about. I was a trainer and working out heavily- absolutely had an impact on my breakouts. Keep writing and coming back to talk with others, it helped me SO much.