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Spiro has changed my life! 32 yo diagnosed with PCOS
on 30/04/2014
I am sharing my review today, exactly 4 months after I started my long journey on Spironolactone. It all began with a persistent flare up of mild hormonal acne last fall that lead me searching for answers why and trying everything I could do to stop it. I begged my derm for Spiro after researching and coming across all of the information on these boards. I knew my hormones were a mess and that this seemed to be a great treatment. Yasmin had worked for me for years and seemed Spiro had a similar effect. On 12/30 I started on 50 mg Spiro, I was clear for about a week and then had a terrible initial breakout, what I consider terrible 5-7 under the skin breakout that was swollen red and painful. I started taking Yasmin the 2nd/3rd week which also contributed to my breaking out. I asked my derm for an antibiotic to help and she prescribed Doxy 200 mg/day. The 3rd/4th week I broke out in tiny clogged pores all over my cheeks and jawline/chin. It was not very noticeable to anyone else but I could feel and see them. I started a strict exfoliation plan that took about 2 1/2 months to clear my skin completely. Using Chemical peels from MUAC- Mandelic and Salicylic, a great toner their Mandelic and's AHA mixed with Cerave PM for my lotion. During this time my oil production was still more than average. I went to see an Endo for answers after getting some hormone tests, they conducted an ultrasound and diagnosed me with PCOS. They upped me to 75mg along with my Yasmin and after a small breakout (seriously nothing I couldn't handle, maybe 3-4 small spots that cleared within 2 days) my oil production slowed down and my breakouts have pretty much stopped. My pores have all been cleared at this point, I still have some fading of PIH but thanks to the doxy I stopped having any cysts pretty much right away. The exfoliation plan helped immensely. I will admit this was the longest 4 months, I went through a bout of depression and ended up being prescribed an anti anxiety Celexa. It has changed my world along with Spiro. I believe in all natural, organic way of life, but due to my medical condition I have choosen to accept modern medicine as my course of treatment. I tried herbs for months and they did nothing for me. I took every one in the books, Saw Palmetto, B5 megadoses, zinc, C, wheatgrass shots daily (expensive), fish oil, flax oil, elimination diets. In the end, Spiro has worked wonders, I no longer worry about my skin and am extremely thankful to everyone on this board for sharing their experiences.
Clogged my pores...not a happy camper
on 12/03/2014
Unfortunately I think this was the culprit of causing some serious clogged pores that have been taking me weeks to clear up. I started Spironolactone to clear my hormonal acne, which is has. But started using this this before I started Spiro and 3-4 weeks in tons of clogged pores surfaced. Taking forever to recorrect. Upset I used it, but lesson learned. Sticking with Cerave moisturizer