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  2. For the past few weeks I've had amazing results with just a few simple tweaks to my routine, It's almost made my skin 100% (Note: I do continue to use bp at night). I'm hoping some of you guys could try this out to see if it helps you as well. My ultimate goal is to ween off of BP fully.

    1.  I eliminated all nuts. I used to eat cashews every day, and I've stopped completed.
    2.  As soon as I wake I drink a glass of room temp. water with a splash of lemon juice and a teaspoon of salt. I use organic lemon concentrate and Himalayan salt.
    3. In my morning shower, after my normal cleaning routine, I do cold immersion for 1-3 minutes (Wim Hof method).
    I know these are pretty simple, but It's almost completed eliminated all pustules from appearing. I think I've maybe gotten 1 small pustule in the past 2 weeks.

    I'm thinking I have reduce my inflammation enough that it's stopped the folliculitis and follicle inflammation. If you do incorporate this into your daily lifestyle, please post results. BP has helped me immensely and this has only made my skin even better (and it's cheap!).

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  4. On 9/12/2018 at 2:01 PM, Thinker5 said:

    Personally, I will not take Accutane. I've had more than one Derm try to push it on me, but I've read more than one article that states it can increase S. Aureus on the skin. If anyone reading this is considering Accutane, please be aware of this and discuss it with your doctor. If they dismiss it or act dumbfounded, find a new one that will read the literature before making this recommendation to you. I believe it's this reason that some who have taken Accutane have reported folliculitis outbreaks after using it or during treatment. If you've ever had issues with S. Aureus, keep this in mind. 

    Just FYI, Accutane was what caused my folliculitis in the first place. I tried a second course of Accutane and it did help, but the pustules came back a few weeks after.
  5. 2 hours ago, FungalAcne said:

    Hey guys my skin is clear after using benzoyl peroxide gel for about 2 weeks! I'll take dryness/flaking over pustules any day! Also, I think I might be able to shave again xD.
    I might even switch to using azelaic acid sometime in the future as it doesn't cause dryness like BP does.

    @FungalAcne Looks good! What's your BP routine?

    Is that dryness around your mouth or facial seb derm? Not to alarm you, but I have similar flakyness around my mouth caused by seb derm. Keep me posted!
  6. On 8/18/2018 at 5:09 AM, TaralliMonster said:

    I do have scalp acne/folliculitis and occasionally get relatively mild chest breakouts. I would definitely suspect folliculitis over rosecea too. Interesting that JCBdigger365 has been told otherwise though. Hmmm. 

    My new derm says he has treated somebody similar to me and they achieved full remission of symptoms. Can't find (m)any cases on this online though, really. But I have to say., he's the best Derm I've ever seen... and it's not close. 

    In the meantime, I'm focusing on trying to build my gut health as much as possible. That way, if I do decide to take the antibiotics I may face less damage to the microflora. 


    Yeah I have similar skin issues to you as well, I get occasional pustules on my chest and on my scalp. I'm almost 100% sure it's not rosacea.

    Adding probiotics to my diet did help a bit, along with a healthy diet. But diet and supplementation alone hasn't fully gotten rid of the folliculitis.

    I've been trying Defense soap out for the past few weeks after I shave, but it hasn't really done much. I'll continue to use the soap as a body wash after hockey though =D

    I will try sulfur soap out soon. Just to note, my skin is quite good and I only have maybe 3-4 smaller pustules a week. I just colour them in with a purple sharpy marker and they look fine. BP once a night has been the best for me so far.


  7. On 7/26/2018 at 5:52 PM, silverlight22 said:

    I have been using de la cruz sulfur for 5 years. It's good but not the cure. But when i started using it with BP, it cleared me up.

    I basically wash face first, put on BP 2.5%, then sulfur and then vaseline ontop to lock it in. Wash face in the morning. My cleanser also contains 5% BP so all in all these 2 together should help. I still get pustules maybe 3 or 4 a week but not like crazy how it used to be before. Some weeks my mouth is completely clear. 

    I can concur with @silverlight22, benzoyle peroxide has been probably the best "cure" I've found so far. I too get 3-4 pustules a week, but it's manageable.

    I've refrained from using salicylic acid and sulfur because I don't want to dry my face out too much. I feel like using BP once a night is harsh enough for my skin.

    I will be trying Defense soap out soon and will let everyone know if I get any positive results. I will most likely be using it 2-3 times a week as a face wash.

 Vancouver, BC.

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