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Does what it says it will, at first.
on 08/05/2014
This product cleared my acne at first but similar to how proactiv worked, eventually led to irritated, red, dry skin. When I wanted to apply make up to cover my clear, yet upset skin my make up, no matter the brand would not apply smoothly. This product is strong and invasive and unless you have more than mild acne I would not recommend it.
Not worth the time!
on 08/05/2014
On top of the Proactiv company being extremely pushy and not very helpful, the products are very mediocre. Over a few weeks of using proactive my skin became irritated, gained more redness, and stayed dry even with using the "bonus moisturizer" that came with the set. My acne did clear up a little but my face was in such poor shape that I could not apply make up without it looking cakey or my face flaking it off. I highly, highly suggest looking into more gentle or even natural products for your skin. I am not 100% clear but my skin looks wonderful since I've stopped using proactive that the little acne that remains is hardly a bother.
Great spot treatment!
on 08/05/2014
I use sea salt mixed into a paste (sea salt+water) as a spot treatment because it is quick, cheap, and works very well. When used on spots that have been properly extracted it dries them up quickly which then I switch to applying jojoba oil or a small dab of neosporin to aid in healing and minimize redness/scarring. If there is something I've messed with (yes I know it's a no-no!) and I did not get to the root of the acne the sea salt paste draws anything left, out. Salt can sting briefly and be very drying so I do not apply to large areas or open cuts. Please, please, please, put the toothpaste down, and try sea salt! :)
Okay cleanser, not the best for acne
on 05/12/2013
Aveeno Positively Radiant Cleanser, with Moisture-Rich Soy Extracts seemed incredibly promising especially after reading many reviews about this product leaving peoples skin glowing and fresh feeling. The cleanser itself is very pretty, it has a sort of iridescent shine to it. I used this cleanser with a wash cloth and it did not seem to lather well unless used in a larger amount than necessary. It did not improve my skin's appearance or health and I feel as though it was a waste of time using all of the product.
Wonderful toner!
on 05/12/2013
This toner makes my skin glow and feel fresh! I use it twice a day after cleansing with Cetaphil Antibacterial Gentle Cleansing Bar followed by moisturizing at nights with Now jojoba oil. For the day it leaves my skin prepped, smooth, and ready for makeup if I choose to wear it. At nights I moisturize because repetitive use of this product can be drying but it has not caused me any excessive peeling or dryness. I apply it with a cotton pad or ball and it always removes any remaining dirt or makeup left on my face left after washing. I love this product and am thankful I came across it, it has helped boost my regimens ability to improve my teenage acne.
My favorite cleanser yet!
on 05/12/2013
After 3 days using the Cetaphil Antibacterial Gentle Cleansing Bar I noticed an improvement in my skin/acne. New spots stopped surfacing (unless I was menstruating) and all that was left were old marks and scars that are healing very well. I use this bar with a fresh washcloth daily and "scrub" very lightly in circular motions. This cleanser lathers well and rinses off easily once I am done. This bar can be a tad drying to my face so I follow up with a very small amount of Now Jojoba oil at night time for additional moisture. I have tried many cleansers as many others have too and I am thankful I came across this one as it had raised my self confidence and I now feel comfortable wearing little to no makeup.