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Temporary but effective
on 05/12/2013
My view on Nlite:<br/>This is an extremely effective COSMETIC treatment, although it is only temporary. This is not a cure for acne and I was informed by the nurse who treated me with Nlite in October 2012 that results may last up till 10 months. It also confirms this on the Nlite website. This treatment will quite simply destroy the bacteria that cause acne as well as speeds up the time it takes acne redness, post acne marks and scars to fade. Please note that when you have this treatment you run the risk of having red / dry face or even an outbreak in the days that follow.<br/>How Nlite worked for me:<br/>I am 21 year old male and for three years I have had acne. Between October and December 2012 I had three treatments. The strength of the last was 2.4, 2.6 and 3. No real improvement after two sessions but in January 2013 after my third my face was starting to clear and was completely clear until October 2013.<br/>Unfortunately for me my acne is starting to come back, although it is nowhere near as bad as it was originally. I have started my new cycle, having two treatments with laser strength of 2.8 and 3 already. I am having a third in January. I am extremely optimistic that it will clear up again.<br/>My conclusion on Nlite:<br/>I highly recommend this treatment and would suggest it would be an ongoing thing you need to do to keep your skin clear. There is no limit on how many times you can have it but there is a limit of the time between sessions, 30 days. Get a “top-up” every couple of months, leaving at least three weeks before an upcoming even (a wedding for example) to have a treatment to ensure you skin is clear!