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on 02/12/2013
I guess I was one of the first to try this when it came available on ebay. I remember there feedback rating was under 250 at the time. Since then I have religiously been using the extra strength wash and love it as much as I did at the get go. I tried EVERYTHING from over the counter to tons of prescription meds and always came up with oily skin in a few weeks. I have been plagued with oily skin from my teens and going to the dermatologist was as regular as rain. This keeps my face smooth and oil free. Dry ice treatments left my shin cracked and red as a monkey behind but this as always worked for me . I am in my thirty's now and use it everyday, for me there is no other OTC or prescription med that worked as well. Like any condition and cure, everyone is different and it may not work for you but it did for me . I am so glad I found it. NOTHING worst then a greasy-oily face !