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on 04/01/2014
It's awesome! It starts drying up pimples as soon as you put it on. Usually, by morning it brings the pimple to a head. By day two or three, it starts scabbing over, and then it falls off. I had severe acne from oil cleansing and this is the only thing that has worked so well and so fast! I was scared to try it at first and waited 3 months before trying. I wish I tried it earlier because it would have stopped the acne from spreading so much. Better late than never I guess.
on 25/12/2013
Hurt really bad when my acne was more severe, but it's all good now. It feels tingly when I put it on. I think it helps, but I started using vinegar and lemon around the same time so it could be that instead.
not even going to try it
on 18/12/2013
The ingredient list on my tube has stearic acid and isopropyl myristate high on the list (first and second ingredients behind tretinoin)..both are very comedogenic ingredients. Many other people have said this product has broken them to me it's not worth the risk.
works i think
on 18/12/2013
I have mixed feelings. I think it works. It makes my acne "sweat". After I put it on, my cystic acne starts oozing pus. It burns worse than anything I have tried so far though and hurts my eyes and the smell is overwhelming. I diluted it 50% water. I want to use it more but the experience is not that fun.<br/>Update: It's been about a week and my acne looking better than ever because of ACV. My cystic acne is getting smaller and smaller, almost gone..I have only 3-4 active pimples on my face now!! I had like 10-15 active ones before. Don't know if it will do anything for the scarring I have but I will try to update in another week or so. Someone on here said to give it two weeks. I surprised it's working so fast. Have been using 2x a day, morning and night.
okay not great
on 16/12/2013
It's just okay. I have severe acne, and I don't like the beads in it. It is very irritating to my already inflamed skin. Also the tiny beads get stuck in my small dents on my face which are still not completely healed. I don't like that at all. It probably works better for mild acne. Definitely don't try this with severe acne...too harsh and will irritate your skin more.
on 16/12/2013
I had been using African black soap for 2 months to cleanse my was very irritating. Since I've switched to purpose, my cystic acne isn't as irritated and it's clearing up my acne faster! It wasn't going away with the black soap, but i feel like this is finally clearing my acne. I only have 3 active pimples on my face and one cystic area, and I'm ecstatic! I was getting like 10-15 new zits a day only 1 or no new zits a day. I don't know if this will work for everyone's acne because mine was caused by the oil cleansing method gone horribly wrong and clogging every pore on my face. But for people with acne caused by lack of proper cleansing, i think this would work. For hormonal acne, I'm not sure it would be a cure, but it would definitely help.
Good product
on 15/12/2013
It's a good product...I'm somewhat confused by it though. It seems to be moisturizing and drying at the same time. I feel like it calms down the sore acne, but when it dries, it has a tightening effect. I'm not sure if it would be a strong enough moisturizer if used with BP. Also, it is hard to wash off. It is very thick and slimy when you put water on it to remove it.
works pretty good but,
on 14/12/2013
works pretty good but there are exfoliating beads in it, which irritates severe acne. Also, I had a mini-crisis when one of the beads got stuck in a small dent on my face.
didn't work
on 13/12/2013
I took 10-15 pills a day. It didn't help with my severe acne...caused by the oil cleansing method. My hair started falling out about after 3 weeks so I stopped.
Good for healing
on 11/12/2013
I put this on two zits the other day and they reduced dramatically in size. I've been putting in on a huge area of cystic acne that's been there for about 2 months. It's not helping as well there, but it will work on the normal pimples. I like it and it's non-drying and doesn't really sting or burn.