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Really works
on 18/08/2015
my dermatologist suggested I use this alone with cerave to help my acne. It's very drying, but it goes on the skin easy and dries up acne quickly! If you put it on the night before, in the morning, a lot of pimples will be completely flattened and barely visible. Make sure to use sunscreen and lots of moisturizer when using this product.
Very useful
on 18/08/2015
I've been using this product for about a year, and I think that it's been helping my skin a lot. It feels like lotion, and slips on your face every easily. I used another cerave wash and that left my skin very dry, but this one makes my skin feel soft. If you have hyper pigmentation, I suggest you use this product.
on 10/12/2013
I've been using this product for a few years now, around 2010. I stopped in the summer of last year, because I thought my acne was getting worse. Then when I came to college, I needed something that would clean my face quickly, so I went back to the stridex pads. These are so quick and easy, they don't really burn, and you can take them anywhere with you. They're great for going to the gym, and work fairly well on the back or chest.<br/>I started using the stridex pads with the regime, and it's worked wonders! I have been on the regime for maybe one, two months, and I only get tiny pimples on my forehead or by jawline. I use the stridex pads with the neutrogena benzoyl peroxide, and olay all day UV face cream for moisturizer. You can get both of these at any drug store. Whenever I go home, my family and friends compliment me on how my skin has gotten so much better.