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on 24/11/2013
I have struggled with acne for years and have used everything under the stars to try and fix it. Ive used all natural organic products and ive used proactiv solution and nothing seemed to work as consistently as this product does. In the beginning stages my skin did NOT react to this product well. I used the face wash with my clarisonic and it was much too abrasive for my skin and I ended up braking out into a horribly uncomfortable rash. I stopped using murad for a couple of weeks and on my second attempt I used much more caution. I started to only use my hands to gently massage the face wash in and I made sure to buy a separate night mosturizer because although my skin is extremely oily, this product is very strong and can easily dry your face out. The key for me was to use a very good mosturizer after using this product. Now, my face has never been more clear.