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on 21/11/2013
So far i've been doing Urine therapy for about 4 days so far. I found out about it from my mom who said that back when she was little, people used to drink their pee to get better if they were sick since medicine was so expensive. She said she knew from her her experience that maybe it could really help! When she first told me, i completely ignored her and thought she was crazy. Then in my room, i actually began wondering, and researched it. After coming to and seeing these wonderful reviews i thought it wouldn't hurt to try! I got really excited thinking that my acne (have had acne for half a year, been to dermatologist several times and have used pretty much everything to try to get it to go away, from prescriptions, to face masks, to natural home remedies and nothing has worked) would go away that night! (I applied urine that night with a cotton ball over my cheeks or the affected area) That morning i honestly didn't notice anything different. I was just about ready to cry cause i felt that nothing was working. And then i told my mom and she told me that i needed to patient. That i needed to wait this one out and be patient cause it could be a miracle worker. I'm doing this as a post, but i'm also gonna keep posting and probably let whoever is reading this some more knowledge. I'll probably post next week! I'm gonna keep trying this though, even though i'm not sure it's gonna work. It's not making things worse, which is why its not gonna do any harm to continue it although if i do see it getting worse im going to stop! Ill let yall know soon what ends up happening!<br/>acnesucksssss