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  1. Benzoyl Peroxide withdrawal

    I weaned off of my 3 year benzoyl addiction over a period of some months and eventually got to a point where I wasn't using it at all. My skin was relatively clear and unaffected for the first 3 months of being benzoyl free. But this is month 4 and I'm covered with congestion and very tiny hard bumps all on my upper lip, chin, and certain areas of my cheeks. This MAY be my own fault as I started using conventional face wash to help remove makeup (which I'm assuming destroyed my acid mantle). Before quitting benzoyl I switched to an extremely clean and healthy lifestyle. I was certain that benzoyl was horrible for my skin and I was also very confident that had I never started benzoyl, my skin today would be clear due to my lifestyle. When I got off of benzoyl I switched to using diluted apple cider vinegar as my face wash to help restore my acid mantle. My skin stayed pretty clear for 3 months like i mentioned above. I notice that my skin looks glowing and feels soft but on top of that is all the congestion and acne. Im riding the wave because i dont want to damage my body or be dependant on this product, which disables your skin. So basically I'm month 4 and experiencing a "purge" Ill let you know when it goes away. Ive read its taken some people 1-2 years! But if you eat a low inflammatory diet you should be able to minimize the effects. Goodluck! Update: Month 5 and the "white head in every pore" look has reduced significantly but my face is extremely bumpy and scarred. Still breaking out pretty badly. Did LOTS of research on benzoyl and wow is it horrible for your skin and body. It oxidizes your skin and reacts with sebum to produce squalene peroxide which is a pore clogging substance. It does this by wiping out all antioxidants on skin. Try an ANTIOXIDANT cream, and ingesting as many antioxidants when coming off.