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on 18/11/2013
So after researching forever on the internet aboutthis supplement, skeptical because it is used for prostate cancer, out of desperation due to all the cystic hormonal acne I had on my chin, I decided to give it a try. I have been using the standardized kind for under a week now, 1 pill at breakfast and one before bed, and almost all my acne is clear. I am actually so amazed my skin feels as soft as a babies bum, and I havent had skin this clear since....before I started puberty. I am 22 years old now. Even people are complimenting me on how nice my skin looks. The only side effects I had on this though are the feeling of extreme hunger even though I eat with the pill. Also slight constipation. I am going to take this for maybe another week, then ween myself off of it. I dont like that there is little research on it so you never know if there might be long term effects. I am really hoping my acne doesnt come back after I do so. But if you are frustrated with your skin and youre a female, I highly reccommend trying this.