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Reduces redness
on 18/11/2013
I've been drinking 2-3 cups of green tea a day for a while now and I have noticed an improvement. It may sound a little odd but I also use the tea bag by lightly rubbing it all over my face, then washing off with water, I occasionally use the tea leaves to exfoliate aswell. It has improved my acne a fair amount, but the best thing about it for me is that it really helps combat redness and makes my skin look more radiant.
on 18/11/2013
After struggling for acne for years I was prescribed dianette.. it worked pretty quickly and cleared up most of my acne. It completely cleared up the minor acne I had on my back, but I still had a few pimples on my cheeks and forehead. However, this pill completely changed my personality, I had terrible mood swings, I would cry every single day for hours, I ended up fighting with my boyfriend and throwing things (which is completely not in me to do, usually), I began self harming and making myself sick.. I had suicidal thoughts and most days I'd just lay in bed all day crying. I know it works differently for everyone, but if you think you may be susceptible to depression or it runs in your family, I would completely avoid Dianette. Even though it made my skin clearer and made my breasts go up three cup sizes, it's not worth it. My acne also came back full force when I stopped taking it, it was twice as bad as before and began spreading across my shoulders even.