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A little burning, soft skin after application
on 13/09/2014
This will be my last Exposed review as I am running as far away from Exposed Skin Care as possible. I have submitted a refund request for both of the kits that I have purchased from them.<br/>This moisturizer is nice. I cannot complain about the moisturizer. It is creamy and white. Instructions recommend to pat this product on, and do not rub. No problem there. I am not sure which product in it created the burning/tingling sensation, but it was definitely there. This moisturizer left my skin smooth, soft, and smelling great. It did not leave me oily like other moisturizers have in the past.<br/>I would recommend this product only if you have already purchased the kit. It would be ridiculous to buy this product by itself, but it is a decent included moisturizer. Nothing to special with it though. I would recommend it, but I prefer the acne.org moisturizer.
Sounds effective, but is very ineffective.
on 13/09/2014
Step #4 of the Exposed system, this serum is a transparent, green, and very lightweight gel. It smells earthy with licorice. You are to use this serum instead of the acne treatment serum at nighttime after the Exposed Clearing Tonic (Step #2).<br/>The product is very sticky. I immediately hated the way that it felt on my skin. It feels very oily as well. My skin remained sticky for about two hours after application. This product is my LEAST favorite of the 5 piece system. I believe it made my blackheads worse than before. My pores were huge after applying this product as well. My skin became even more oily. I TRULY HATE THIS PRODUCT!<br/>Conclusion:<br/>Ineffective, sticky, slimy, and oily. I cannot even take this product seriously. After 4 months of use, I am no longer using this product. This was a joke.
Tea Tree Oil + Benzoyl Peroxide = LOVE
on 13/09/2014
In the entire 5-piece system, this was my favorite product by Exposed. It smells clean, it leaves your skin feeling incredible, and I had no adverse effects!<br/>The serum is bright white, thick, and creamy. It's so simple to glide over your face. Instructions state to apply this while the Clearing Tonic (Step #2) is still wet. I follow directions. This product would get rid of my zits and calm my acne-tormented skin all throughout the day. The smell is incredible. It left my skin smelling oh-so-clean and refreshed even hours after applying the product. I saw results only with this product from Exposed. I would recommend this product by itself or even as a substitute for the Acne.org BP.<br/>Conclusion:<br/>If you're going to try Exposed Skin Care, I would recommend only purchasing this product from the entire system. In my acne-case, this is the only product that I had any real results from. I would prefer to use this over the Acne.org BP.
on 13/09/2014
The Exposed Skin Care Clearing Tonic was one in the system that I heard so much positive feedback about. After using it for 4 months, I feel like I could have skipped this product entirely. It is clear, a liquid, and smells natural. I believed this would work, but no. My skin did not improve with it, and the 4oz bottle is stated as lasting for 2 months. This product lasted 3 weeks.<br/>In conclusion, I did not like this product. I had better results with witch-hazel. I do not normally like astringents, but I suppose for the makeup wearers, you might enjoy this product. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this product to anyone since I did not have any improvements by using it. Save $20 and just buy a bottle of 100% natural witch-hazel which normally runs $2-$5.
on 13/09/2014
So i have been using the exposed skin care system for about 4 months now. They guarantee their products work for a solid year/money back policy. I wanted to believe that this was working, and I know with natural products that sometimes they take MONTHS to start being effective, but here I am after 4 months with worse acne than before.<br/>The facial cleanser is probably my second-favorite item in the system. It smells like licorice and soap. It states that it has sage in it, but I smelt licorice; however, no licorice is listed in the ingredients for the cleanser. It is a clear liquid/gel that foams a tad bit. It's pretty thick and leaves your skin feeling soft and oh-so-smooth. There was no burn or any adverse side-effects with this cleanser. I would recommend this cleanser for sensitive skin.<br/>The instructions for Exposed stated that you should use their dermo-cloth with a facial cleanser. Note, this is a direct violation of the Acne.Org regimen, but I figured since I went dark-side with Exposed that I would follow their advice. The cloth that they recommend is microfiber but irritated my skin since it actually scrubs your face with its micro-bristles.<br/>In conclusion, I love this cleanser by itself. As far as the entire system, I would say that it was overall ineffective for my skin. I have oily skin and suffer from blackheads along my t-zone. I also have whiteheads often, and this product and system did not help me. It smelt nice though! As I stated before, I would recommend this cleanser for sensitive skin. In my opinion, this cleanser is not as great as the acne.org cleanser!
on 28/05/2014
**Part three of my Proactiv+ Reviews. This review is for the moisturizer in the system, but I am reviewing all proactive+ products that I have been using. Again, I am not paid by, employed by, or have been asked by proactiv to write these reviews. They are my opinions based on my experiences.**<br/>I have been using this for 2 weeks along with the others in the system. This is Step 3, and my personal fav of the system. How often do you see moisturizers that are in tubs/jars? I love how thick and creamy this moisturizer is. It smells like heaven. Upon applying to the skin, you'll notice that it glides on smoothly. Immediately, your skin will have a nice glow. It feels pretty slimy in the jar, but after 5 mins the feel is gone as the product absorbs. My skin has never looked better and I used to HATE proactiv. I look forward each day to the time that I can apply proactiv to my face now. My skin looks great, smells great, and my complexion is steadily improving. It looks like I am wearing makeup because my skin is so clear and flawless now. I LOVE THESE NEW PRODUCTS! I highly recommend this!
what an awesome surprise!
on 28/05/2014
**Disclaimer: I am not employed by or have been asked to write this review. This is my personal review and not based on or biased by any sources other than my own experiences. This review is for the cleanser (step 1), and I will review the other products after this one as well.**<br/>I started the Proactiv+ system about two weeks ago. I tried the original ProActiv system back in 2006-2008 and then again in 2010 without positive results. In fact, my skin seemed to worsen with the original ProActiv system. So when I received this ProActiv+ system, I hoped it would work, but from past experiences, did not plan to see any favorable results. I was COMPLETELY wrong.<br/>The bottle was very small compared to what I had expected to receive. In my evening bath, I used a dime size amount of cleanser and applied to my face gently. I did not think that I had enough in my hand at the time, but I was wrong there too. It lathered up so well and a small amount goes a LONG way. The directions state to apply to face 1-2 mins. I applied to my face and massaged for about 2 minutes while listening to some music and relaxing in the tub. The smell is so great. The smell in itself is like aroma-therapy. It smells so clean, botanical, and very fresh. After 2 mins, I began to rinse the product off. It rinses off extremely easy and I immediately felt smoother skin. My skin was the softest I have ever felt. My skin felt so clean, my pores were immediately smaller, and I did not have ANY noticeable blackheads. I was so surprised. This cleanser contains 2.5 % benzoyl peroxide and glycolic acid (AHA) so I am sure that is the key here.<br/>Now after using this for 2 weeks, my skin is beyond clear. I have never had my skin this clear before, and I used to use the Acne.org system for several months! Of course, I am using the full Proactiv+ system which consists of 3 steps + additional proactiv products. I am probably never going to stop using this. This is incredible! I highly recommend the entire system!
huge amount for the price!
on 25/01/2014
I previously relied on buying AcneFree or Neutrogena's benzoyl peroxide. Neutrogena's is for 0.7 oz and costs $7-$10 and is a cream which would show up later if I were sweat. AcneFree's bp was about $5 at WalMart or sometimes I'd get lucky and find it at my local Dollar Tree. Even then, this was for a 1oz tube.<br/>I've been using this acne.org BP for three months. One 8oz tube has lasted me that long. I was hesitant about the 2.5% because I normally used 5-10% bp, but I received the same outcome without the peeling and dry skin effect! You might think the price is unreasonable, but getting it every other month in my acne.org subscription box has saved me the hassle of trying to find a cheap bp gel locally. This stuff works and I cannot thank Daniel enough for creating this product. My acne is now under control.
best cleanser ever!
on 25/01/2014
I've used everything for acne. I've used Proactiv, Neutrogena extra gentle face wash, Neutrogena rapid clear exfoliating face wash, cetaphil, Olay, antibacterial soaps, and yes to tomatoes. This is the first cleanser that actually works without killing the moisture of my skin. It is unscented and lathers up really well. I was hesitant to use it to shave, but even then it worked so much better than my $20 Dollar Shave Club shaving cream. I've been using this for 3 months and my skin has dramatically cleared up! Thanks Dan, I love your products!