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  2. On 9/30/2018 at 1:13 PM, ninjection said:

    glad i’m still able to talk to you brotha. You should check out nofap.com/forums

    It has a similar positive helpful vibe to this site except it’s geared towards recovering from PMO addiction not acne

    Thanks for the advice. I have been on that site but not their forums.
  3. Not an announcement or feedback, moving to appropriate forum.

  4. @ninjection Welcome back! It's a bit coincidental that you posted this because I was just about to start, but for reasons not related to acne. Good luck to you and anyone else who decides to try this.
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  6. If I were you, I'd just replace all the content in my posts with dummy content.

  7. Scarless Healing

    Forums Scar treatments 10,040 replies

    On 7/28/2018 at 6:56 PM, Delto said:

    Wish the moderators would step in as this is a fairly important forum topic on the internet, and is a top search result on Google for scarless healing. In the past I used to come here for valuable insight, but now it's just overwhelmingly toxic—too bad.

    On 7/29/2018 at 3:39 PM, Lapis lazuli said:

    This thread has been going for eleven years. They "stepped in" once in the past where it was temporarily closed. I don't think they'll do that again as there's no real point. I also don't think they'll lock it permanently.

    On 7/29/2018 at 4:58 PM, surgical scar said:

    The moderator I've talked to has repeatedly said she/he is the only active volunteer moderator and is tired of getting reports about this thread and does not want to waste more moderation resources on this thread and she/he does not even follow this thread so we're better off if they don't even bother since they're clueless about the topic and discussions and sources of tantrums here. Forget about real moderation. This is an open thread for desperate trolls and shills.

    Even though posts regarding the toxicity/moderation of this thread are OK, in this particular instance we'd appreciate that you stay as on topic as possible because these observational posts end up turning into discussions which further derail the thread. We're now strict about off-topic posts in this thread only because of what a select few individuals have turned it into. Edit: The same goes for people who mention other members in a way that might start an argument: although not necessarily in violation of our board rules, please avoid posts like that altogether as a preventative measure. We'd appreciate if the post directly below this one be about scarless healing, not a response to this post or any posts on this topic. Thank you.

  8. 10 hours ago, tracyyy said:
    Yes, I think this is supposed to happen. It must just be the way this message board software is set up.
  9. Hi. I think this is supposed to happen, unless all the archived posts you're looking for by this member don't show up on their profile page. Could you link me to the page you're on as displayed in the screenshot? Thanks.

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