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    Hi! There is no evidence that petroleum jelly clogs pores of human skin.
  2. worst case of bacne ever

    Reminder to anybody considering replying: Claiming to be a doctor here is against the rules. Other than that, advice is welcome.
  3. Yeah, I've noticed a ton of stuff wrong with the forums too. I made a list to report to the programmers. For instance, I get an error when trying to make a hyperlink.
  4. butylated hydroxyanisole,

    Hi, this ingredient is an antioxidant and is used sparingly in cosmetic products. Because it's an antioxidant, this ingredient may even be beneficial for acne. More research is needed to confirm this, but I wouldn't worry about it worsening acne for these reasons.
  5. I heard that sunflower oil is good too. You should be able to find some in a plastic bottle. Safflower oil may just be more difficult to find in one.
  6. How to make PRP?

    Hi. On behalf of a community member who brought this to the attention of the mod staff, I'd like to state that this is not safe to try at home and should be administered professionally.
  7. Getting Pregnant - What Can I Do For My Hormonal Acne?

    Somebody posted in this topic recently, but I deleted the post on accident. I apologize, but you may re-post if you're reading this.
  8. toothpaste burn

    This happened to me about four years ago, only on the chin. All I did was apply petroleum jelly to the area to speed up healing, and it went away.
  9. During the regimen

    Yes, here is's sunscreen page: Look out for comedogenic ingredients in the inactive ingredients list on the label. Apply as you would normal moisturizer--gently.
  10. Hi. I'm not sure if Benzagel contains pharmaceutical-grade BP. I know that the one does, so your skin might need to adjust to a higher grade of BP if that's the case. I'd see how my skin reacted with half of the full dose for a few days, and begin using whatever amount you desire if you don't have any problems. If you experience issues, you should work your way up.
  11. Hi, what they're saying is you cannot stop doing the Regimen without the acne coming back. The problem you're describing is the same problem you'll have even by not starting the Regimen, which is acne. The only catch is that if you stop suddenly, your skin might break out worse than it had ever broken out before, but it's only temporary since it will need to adjust to the BP withdrawal. Once it adjusts, you'll have your normal acne again.
  12. Daily routine?

    Toner is not important. Instructions for body Regimen:
  13. Considering to start the regimen, need advices

    Yeah it did, but not immediately. When you stop doing the Regimen, acne starts to re-form, but it doesn't show up on the surface of the skin until a few weeks later. Once that happened, it took another few weeks to clear again since acne had been forming for the few weeks prior to getting back on the Regimen. I'm 20, and I have a predisposition for acne to go into the 30s. Just make sure the areas you treat don't receive exposure to sunlight. For example, if you do the Regimen on your face, it's not a problem for your body to sunbathe. Make sure you cover any treated areas with shade or sunscreen. And yeah, they sell 3.4 oz. travel-size kits.
  14. Considering to start the regimen, need advices

    When I was in school I was doing it twice per day, and my skin was 100% clear. Now I'm lazy and don't care that much anymore, so I do it only about once per day, and acne is there but it's mild. Some people can get away with doing it once per day, but I require twice for perfect skin. I don't think it's "naturally" more dry. There have been times when I stopped the Regimen altogether, and my skin wasn't dry anymore at all. But when you're on the Regimen, you should expect a bit of dryness. No moisturizer ever seemed to take away the dryness fully, but I chose a bit of dryness and initial side effects of the Regimen over acne. Also if you have any more questions, please make sure to quote me in your reply so that I get a notification
  15. Considering to start the regimen, need advices

    I'm a moderator, but I've been on the Regimen since 2013. I think my skin took about two weeks to accustom to the treatment. Make sure you start with the recommended dose and slowly work your way up, as the instructions explain. 2.5% is ideal, but 5% can be used if nothing else is available. Just avoid 10%.
  16. WEEK 4 DAY 5

    I'd recommend mixing liquid foundation with moisturizer because tinted moisturizers work better with the Regimen. I did this with Almay Smart Shade Skin Tone Matching Makeup. The reason AHA doesn't sting after 1 month is that the skin won't be as sensitive from the BP anymore. You could apply 1 pump of moisturizer, wait for it to dry, and apply another pump. It shouldn't take as long to absorb that way. Another option is to use just 1.5 pumps in one go.
  17. Burning

    Yes, that is common with exfoliants such as glycolic acid
  18. Working out on the regimen

    I don't think sweat affects acne. I'd continue doing what you're doing...just gently patting your face dry after working out. You could even rinse with plain water and then pat dry if the sweating is excessive, but I wouldn't recommend washing (with cleanser) more than twice per day. And I don't think it'll hurt your progress if you sweat 3-5 hours after doing the Regimen. It's all good.