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    On 10/12/2015, 9:15:11, givemeflawlessskin said:

    I have used dermaroller 0.15mm on nose and its gone now :) cortisone sunk area a bit but im a girl and use concealer so no big deal. if youre a dude go straight to dermaroller


    OMG!  So you saying I can skip the Cortisone shit and go straight for the dermaroller???  Thanks for your updates!  We all love you for them!

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    Oh no, I thought you had gone to some special kind of clinic I've never heard of.  And I was asking so I could recommend that to someone else who I was trying to help.

    The only successful food sensitivity test I've had was a skin prick test I did last year.  I also had a blood test that was too inaccurate to detect anything.  But I couldn't afford a naturopath, so I just figured out myself.  (I also mistakenly got those tests for "free")

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    well i had a windows phone, which it ran great on in internet form.  I'm currently on a flip phone which is obselete for internet isage.  I can't type with that shit.
    Anyway, I don't have an iphone or an android, but if it runs as great with a browser on those phones as it did my windows phone, then "I wouldn't want an app for that."

  4. So the acid is for your clogged pores?  My pores get clogged, too.  I pretty much figured out why I get acne, but I still have clogged pores when I eat the wrong things.  I got too many icepick scars from them, so now I wanna buy something that's not too harsh that will get rid of the black heads and clogged pores.  Maybe a brush or something...

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    Studies have been done that show a BP wash that is rinsed off does reduce the amount of acne bacteria. Washes would also be easier for body acne where you don't want to have it in constant contact with your clothing. Also, Dan was asking for suggestions so no need to be so aggressive buddy.


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    Interesting... I know my acne was caused by food sensitivities, which were caused by leaky gut, which was caused by candida overgrowth.  So when I avoid foods I'm sensitive to, I'm clear.  And I'll be cured once I kill the candida and heal myself. 

    So your diet wouldn't work for me, but I'm sure it would work for tons of other people.  Milk breaks me out, and so does solid cheese.  Melted cheese doesn't do too much damage, though.  But I think I will try avoiding dairy anyways since I just recently found out it can cause clogged pores (which I don't need anymore of).

    But I'm sure there's ton of other people who would benefit from trying your method or mine.  Everyone's acne is different, though.  Because it's caused by different things.  That's what makes it so complicated for people to "cure" it.  It's a puzzle.

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    Well, for me, if I eat grapes I'll get small pimples the same day.  The more I eat, the worse (and potentially bigger) they get.  I get pimples from apples usually the next day, sometimes 2 days.  Sometimes the same day if I eat enough of em.  The pimples also very in size and severity depending on how much I eat.  

    Just depends which fruit.  Usually same day for me with every food.  The only reason it would show up after 2 days is if I keep eating them everyday and it slowly builds up.

    Blue berries contain a low citric acid level.  I usually don't get acne from them at all, however, if I eat a ton of wheat (which breaks down my intestinal walls), I'll get small zits on my cheek bone area from eating blueberries.

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    This post is fuckn pathetic.  Why don't you focus on you instead blaming fat women for your problems.  If you're so fortunate that you can go have sex with 10 girls in one night like u said in your post, then wtf are you doing here?  Looking for love?  No one wants to be with a concieted person.

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    I'm still learning this.  I've noticed all my friends are now followers.  Is there away to keep them as friends or followers, without allowing the updates that are sent to them when I post and like content?  cuz I know I'll be one annoying friend!  if you know what I mean... ;)  lol

    I'm saying this cuz one of my friends almost stopped following me.  I don't want anyone to take the winking as a shot at them, cuz I'm the annoying one, not you guys.  I love you guys(friends).

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    I am 21 and I have never dated anyone in my entire life. I have only been asked out like 3 times and I am not even sure if the first guy who asked me out was even serious. 
    Because of my acne, I stay away from dating. I feel like no one could ever want to be with me because of my skin condition.
    You are not alone. I've been dealing with this problem since I was 12 years old. Acne has made a huge freaking dent in my self-esteem.

    Same here, Nichole!  I've had acne since 11, and have been a virgin all my life because of it.  I'm 19 now, and I've cleared my acne.  But I've got this nose bump scar I got from the last cyst I had ever gotten on my nose!  Isn't that about a-
    Anyways, it's ironic because had I not gotten acne, I would have lost my virginity at 12, cuz I moved to the hood rand these 2 15 year old girls approached me while I had a hoodie on and they approached me wanting to "get down."  (they couldn't really see my acne)  I know this sounds odd and slightly unbelievable.  They didn't just straight out walk up to me and ask for sex, they walked up to me and sort of noted they'd be back for me when my friend
    :evil: wasn't around.  I'm sorry, I know this is TMI, but I thought it would be nice to share a story.:evil:

    But that wasn't actually me.   I'm not going to be okay

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    Did you dilute the vinegar at all with water or did you just apply it?

    I really want to try using it because I've read so many success stories but I've also read stories about chemical burns and other adverse effects.

    i just apply on cotton ball and put on the area
    i have to say; this pass 2 months my nose was looking terrible, redness all over the scar area, alot of scabs, very dry, but im very happy with the results so far, ill keep my eyes open to see if the scar will went back, i will post here

    How did it go?  Did it grow back?

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    I like your post and can agree with you on sleeping with people while having bad acne.  I think you may do well gong natural and finding the cause of your acne.  Don't put your hope and money into treatments.  If they don't succeed, you've only wasted time and possibly made it worse.  reading your post encouraged me to share this with you because I think you would do well. 

    Anyways, good luck!

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    I had severe cystic acne for 7 years.  I ignored all the Dermatologist and Doctors.  I went found the cause of my acne.  Leaky gut and Candida overgrowth which caused food sensitivities.  I avoid these foods, and suddenly, after 7 years of disfiguring acne, my acne started going away!  I'm happy to say I am clear today.

    Now to all the dumb asses who blindly follow doctors' and derms' advice:  Acne is a billion dollar industry, so of course they will take advantage of you for money!  Dermatologists aren't trained in nutrition, or acne.  They are trained to label acne, and shove chemicals down your fucking throat in exchange of your cash (or your insurance's if you're lucky).   The medical industry claims to 1.  Not know what causes acne  2. Not have a fucking clue as to how to cure it  & 3.  That Accutane is the closests thing to a cure there is and ever was (which could not be further from the truth)

    They also claim that it's strictly hormonal and non-preventable, and just a part of life you have to accept.  In doing so, you give them money until you die, or the shit "magically dissapears" which doesn't really happen for everyone.  Meanwhile, I cure my own acne at 18, leaving all the "top ranked in my state" doctors with they're jaws wide open.  Because they thought I was a fuckin idiot, when in reality, they were the ignorant fucks.

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    But guess what. 


    So hydrocortisone has shrunk it by 80% and I was totally contented for 10 weeks. But recently I see it coming to a head again. I would like to try this over the school holidays which is in one week (your method) but what if it comes to a full head? Then I can't really try it and walk around school with a burn mark on my nose and a huge bandaid. Do you think I should it come to a head? I'm trying to prevent it coming to a head by putting more hydrocortisone on it. 



    Oh that wasn't your experience....

    Well has your bump reduced?

    I'm sorry, bro.  I didn't even see your posts. 
    Yeah, I just started a second trial like 7 minutes ago!  anyways, I'm dark so the scar lasts on me discolored for nearly a mnth before it starts to become less noticable.  The first trial made the bump only about %30 smaller because i didn't do it correctly.  Now I'm just now starting again, boy!  yup yup

    anyways, depending on ur skin tone, if you are light skinned, then it should look fine (red but good) in like 2-3 weeks.  if you dark, it may take almost a month or a lil longer to look good.  Just don't use bandaids!  That prolongs the healing.  learned that the hard way.

    I'm not talking about the apple cider vinegar method, I'm talking about the rubbing white vinegar on it method.

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    Either it's a bug or I'm just unfamiliar with the new panel but I can't seem to locate two posts that needs approval. If anyone already knows how to use the new panel, kindly let me know. Thanks!

    I'm having the same issue.  I found that if u click the 'bell' icon, it updates you as new posts come in that are needed for approval.  I guess we can use that until the problem is resolved.

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    Yes.  Any foods can cause acne if you have food sensitivities.  Like Cabbage, grapes, northern beans, etc gave me acne.  But i can eat pinto beans, kidney beans, carrots, and sweet potatoes all day with no acne.

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    there should be a few good derms in your area to get that injected. it would take that down pretty quick without damaging your skin. I would stop doing anything else crazy to your skin because you are young and you don't want to live the rest of your life with damage on your nose.

    Thanks for your concern! That is very sweet. To me, killing it naturally would be worth the risk. I plan to start another trial this week or next week. I will research the dangers of acid and scars before I decide to go through with it.

  18. Go natural and find out what's really causing your acne. I know what doctors say and it's all a bunch of bullshit. They just want to trade you medication for your money. Billion dollar industry. I cleared my severe cystic acne last year. Most of the doctors were the opposite of help. They told me I was wrong and spoon fed me the bullshit myths about acne. They really new nothing at all about acne.

    I mean, some of the doctors actually knew, but they weren't trained to cure acne. They were trained to make money and that means shoving pills and topicals down your throat till you throw up or -~°~

    "Natural" methods are not the cure for most people. And if doctors only wanted money why would they prescribe Accutane which can cure someone and then they wouldn't be back to see them again?

    Accutane is expensive. They make way more money off that than they would actually helping you find the cause. And most people's severe acne comes back in a year or more. The success rate is only %65 cured for around 1 year. And a lot of these people's acne comes back after 2 years or more. People end up going through multiple trials of the expensive drug which equals more money for the dermatologist.

    Most dermatologists aren't trained or taught about acne. So a lot see a really fucked up case of acne, and they shove accutane down the person's throat because they don't know how to event begin to confront such severe acne. And they almost always never warn of all the dangers of accutane.

    And do you know how often people change dermatologists? There's people who go through 6 derms in 2 years! So of course a derm will prescribe accutane if they have no idea what they're doing. Because they're going to lose the customer, anyway. Might as well make some cash with this expensive, high-powered drug. And build their reputation with a face that might be cleared for 6 months! Because many customers switch as soon as the derms fail with lower grade medication and topicals.

  19. If you do get bullied, don't worry about. Just remember, after high school, you probably won't even see any of those people again. They certainly won't be thinking of you every night 10 years from now.

    I would date someone with bad acne. But not everyone will. If the person you crush on doesn't, who cares. There's people who are better than that out there. Like ihateusernamesx found someone. Just don't live with any regrets.

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    did you ever try getting that injected? i have a few raised areas on my chin that the doc said was hypertrophic scarring but since they werent that raised nobody ever wanted to inject them until i saw a new derm. he injected them 2 weeks ago and they look so much better already. thats the easiest and quickest way to get results without having to do crazy things to your skin. you might need a few injections to flatten it out but it is well worth it.

    Thanks for your input. Someone else told me this vinegar thing was dangerous as well. They reccomended cortisone shots or something. I'm just a little crazy. I don't trust doctors so It's something I'll use if this vinegar stuff fails. Watch me fuck up my skin, I'd be pissed I didn't listen to all of you.

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    Go natural and find out what's really causing your acne. I know what doctors say and it's all a bunch of bullshit. They just want to trade you medication for your money. Billion dollar industry. I cleared my severe cystic acne last year. Most of the doctors were the opposite of help. They told me I was wrong and spoon fed me the bullshit myths about acne. They really new nothing at all about acne.

    I mean, some of the doctors actually knew, but they weren't trained to cure acne. They were trained to make money and that means shoving pills and topicals down your throat till you throw up or -~°~

  22. People on here keep saying that adult acne is common and increasing yet I never see other adults in real life with acne. It's a curse if you have treatment resistant adult acne.

    That doesn't mean there aren't an increasing number of "adults" with acne. There could be a million reasons why you don't see them. But that doesn't make them non-existent.

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    I just wanna say I had similar acne on my forehead last summer. Most of it went away after I stopped consuming cheese and dairy.

    It was embarrassing because I didn't realize how bad it was, and everybody saw that shit and gave me weird looks. I hope this helps. Again, cheese and dairy caused most of the forehead acne for me, not all of it. Looked so much better after I stopped that. I can still eat cheese that is somewhat melted in moderation, though.

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    It's not finished healing, but Spoiler Alert!!! : I think it's reduced in size. I can't see it as easily as before when I look directly at it without using a mirror. Even in the mornings when it's more puffy.

    Also, I'm stupid. hen the pink skin hardened on the first trial, I was supposed to keep soaking accoring to the instructions! Instead I stopped. I thought it was like that because I was doing so good. It would take a couple of days to soften n dissapear.


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