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Aww, baby naw
on 20/01/2015
I got a food sensitivity test and cleared my cystic acne. I only eat foods that were tested for and I had absolutely no reaction to. I realized most of the foods were filled with fiber, then remembered a visit to the doctor where I was diagnosed with chronic constipation. I'm still learning more about my body and acne, but so far I have made a substantial amount of progress. Like forreal, I'm pretty much clear, but I've been cheating on my diet, so I break out when I do that. I'm also a veggetarian and I love it.<br/>Cleaning up and eating organic has helped a lot of people, but I recvomend testing. I foubd out I coukdnt eat celery and soy which js supposed to be healthy, right? A bunch of good stuff is what I can't eat. So if I didnt get tested, I could have f**ked myself over and not even realize it.