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on 11/11/2013
I never used to have acne before I turned 20. In 2 months my face turned into an acne warzone. I got cysts on my chin area, which gradually progressed along my jawline and lower cheeks. These were so red and traumatized me, as I had NEVER had anything like it before. There were so many spots, some would heal, and the marks would remain, and new ones would come. Mineral foundation hid the redness thankfully.<br/>I've been on tetracycline for 2 months. It took this long for me to see a DIFFERENCE, but I'm so happy I stuck with the regimen and didn't give up. Now, my face isnt blemish free as when I was 19, but it's really getting better. I have no more cysts on my chin at all, just the red marks which will go away with a little more time. My jawline is not acne-free, but it's getting better as well. When I pass my fingers over my face I dont want to cry anymore. All this to say, please don't give up on tetracycline even if you havent see a difference yet. The regimen for these pills is 3 months. By the 3rd month, I'm sure I'll have my face back 100% (no marks or acne), considering the way things are going now. I'm also using topical products at night and morning.<br/>I was extremely depressed when I got acne at 20 for the first time, and so severe. I thought tetracycline would work within 2 weeks. IT DOESNT. It's a gentler antibiotic that takes its time. I accepted that I have an infection, just that it happens to be on my face - which is what acne is. Once I accepted this crappy fact, it was easier to deal with. Sh*t happens. Tetracycline can help you, but dont be impatient and do use mineral foundation in the meantime if you're worried about what people think. Acne is dumb and annoying, but it's really more common than you think, and will go away if you fight it, like any infection.