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Started feeling hopeful, Ended feeling worse
on 10/11/2013
I'm a 21 year old Male firstly, with sensitive skin. I am prone to the occasional white head and was using Cliniques rinse off foaming cleanser which was working fine for me but my mum wanted to start me on this to try and see if it would clear my skin up completely and well, it only made it worse.<br/>I know with starting new products you have to give it a few weeks to work but after 6 days I couldn't take it.<br/>My skin is too sensitive to this product. Within two days my chin broke out in not one, not two, not three but atleast 7-10 small whiteheads, my pores had been blocked and clogged by the harshness of this product.<br/>I couldn't speak properly by day 4 as it made my skin so tight and my face so sore. It got so bad I had to leave work for a break to walk in some cool air because my skin was so itchy I wanted to scratch it off.<br/>Its day 6 now and I went back and swapped this product for a the basic soothing rinse off cleanser and I was recommended by the lady at the counter to put sudacrem on the area and let it help reduce redness and itch so hopefully that helps.<br/>I would not recommend this product at all.<br/>It has honestly knocked my confidence this week. I didn't want to leave work for my lunch break because of the constant growth of white heads on my chin.<br/>I honestly hope no one else has to go through this.