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Doesnt work
on 26/03/2014
I had three sessions over three weeks. I didn't feel like it did anything at all. No reduction in lesions.<br/>Even if it did work, as if you'd keep coming back and doing it every week forever? Seems crazy.
Green tea helped enormously
on 26/03/2014
It works: 6 cups a day. Freshly brewed. Decaf after 3pm or I don't sleep well.<br/>I got about 50% reduction of new lesions within 1-2 weeks (so, it works quickly!).<br/>After 6 weeks, it was 80% reduction of new lesions.<br/>I combined this with a topical vitamin C Powder (brand is Philosophy from Sephora) for almost 100% reduction of new lesions.<br/>Its all about the antioxidants (which surprised me because my diet really is impeccable).<br/>I have tried these all without success<br/>mega dose of B5<br/>Blue LED light<br/>BP gel<br/>sulfur cream<br/>I'm 31 year old female, been suffering for years after I went off the pill.
I thought it worked but I plateaued and then worsened after a few months
on 05/11/2013
I am changing my original review ....<br/>I initially took 5 grams each day for 5 days. Then went to 10 grams every day, space over 4 increments.<br/>I had minor stomach discomfort for a couple of days only.<br/>I did this for about 6 months and then stopped after I eventually decided it wasn't really working.<br/>I did actually notice a steady gradual improvement which motivated me to keep going. BUT upon reflection, I THINK it was just mean reversion - which is a common problem with anecdotal evidence I can admit I fell for. You see, before this treatment, I was using an LED blue light for a few months which really messed up my face, causing hundreds of black/white heads. While that sounds fairly harmless, it really took me 6 months to get rid of them and my complexion was really awful due to the light. This gradual clearing happened when I was on the B5. But I don't think it was the B5. I think it was the absence of the blue light. Meanwhile during the B5, even though all those hundreds of little plugs were slowly clearing, I was still getting roughly the same number of new pimples as before.<br/>I was also dealing with mild accurate on chronic diarrhea the whole time on the b5. I went a week or two or even three being fine and then maybe a week it would flare up. It was worse with caffeine, even chocolate.<br/>Then, after I hit 6 months, reality seemed to sink in that the number of new pimples I was getting wasn't really reducing, and the overall texture of my face had plateaued. Again, it was better, but I think it was just going back to how it was before I started the blue light. It might have even worsened a bit at this point, and I so went cold turkey, stopping all the pills. It just became clear it wasn't worth it.<br/>However, my next quest turned out to be blissfully successful in about 2-3 weeks.<br/>6 cups of green tea per day plus a topical vitamin C powder (brand "Philosophy"). I for some reason have an increased need for antioxidants (which surprised me since my diet is truly impeccable.)<br/>Cheap, natural, easy and effective. Feeling great about my story.<br/>Good luck!<br/>i'm aged 31 and female.