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    Reading this topic, I see two different types skin problems:

    • lesions those that ooze liquid
    • painful nodules/lumps

    So there may be two different kind of problems mixed in this one thread.

    For those that have the oozing liquid lesion problem, can you confirm whether it look like: http://oozingyellowcrusts.com/t/what-does-it-look-like-photos/20 ? (This is a website dedicated to this unknown facial skin disease, in an effort to combat it by sharing experience and information. It is believed that it is caused by demodex mites, because those that have taken anti-demodex medications, have seen significant improvements.)

    Suffers of this problem share the following characteristics:

    • often itchy pustules/face
    • pustules that ooze a clear yellow fluid (the primary symptom)
    • it only happens on the face, and possible also the ears sometimes
    • the fluid dries up to yellow crusts, while the pustule below the crusts is continue to ooze and thus produces more crust formation
    • often have this for months or years continuously, with at least one oozing pustule per month, and often on daily basis
    • have seen multiple dermatologists
    • have heard multiple diagnosis
    • have negative bacterial swab test cultures
    • have used multiple topical and oral antibiotics
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    First thank you all for your posts and sharing experiences.
    I am constantly developping white pus zits around mouth and chin! I started developing this about a year ago.
    - constant small white pus zits around mouth and chin. dry up in about 2-3 days.
    - few more start when one stops!
    - red bumps
    - redness
    - All these symptoms only around nose , mouth and chin. rest of the face is clear!
    - constant Dandruff also.

    This thing brought me down so much in my life! There are days when i just sit in my room and cry because I have pretty much tried everything under the sun. I am even worried to go meet my sisters kids sad.png Please help share your expertise and what worked for you guys. Please drop a note and i really need your help & support to keep me motivated to see the light at the end of tunnel.

    Because you mention "dry up in about 2-3 days", can you confirm whether the symptoms involve pustules that ooze a clear yellow fluid which dries up to yellow crusts? If so, you may have an unknown disease, for which the following dedicated forum has been created: oozingyellowcrusts.com

    The problem mimics impetigo, but doesn't seem to be impetigo. Suffers have often seen multiple dermatologists, multiple different diagnoses, multiple antibiotics etc, all without success, accept for a few.