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Made my acne 100000 million times worse
on 24/10/2013
Before I started this pill I didn't suffer with skin as badly as I do now. I had mild acne, however this caused severe cystic acne especially around my jaw it was horrendous. My derm told me to stop it was causing so much harm.
Great first time, not so great second time
on 24/10/2013
I first started this years ago and it cleared me up and gave me amazingly flawless skin. Unfortunately I had to come off it for 2 years, when I started again it didn't make any difference to my acne.
Didn't make a difference
on 24/10/2013
Used this for about a week and couldn't stand it any longer. It gave me a horrible allergic reaction and caused all my eyes and mouth to become very very itchy.