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It didn't work for me.
on 20/02/2014
I started Tretinoin 0.01% gel in November of 2013. I have moderate acne but it's very persistent. I saw some improvement and thought my acne was clearing. But then I started waking up with more inflamed red pimples and whiteheads every day. My skin was super red and peeled so bad. I thought it would go away but never did. I was then upped to 0.025% gel about a month or two ago. Still nothing. Now I'm on week 14, almost 15, with no results. I used it as directed. I washed my face, waited 30 minutes, then applied a pea-sized amount over my face without moisturizer. I applied it every other night until directed and then started applying it every night. Until I can go see the dermatologist, my doctor ordered me to stay on it. Tretinoin has worked for some people but not me. This was one of my last options before getting refereed to a dermatologist, and it failed. The only good things about this was that some areas of my face got smoother and the little blemishes went away quickly.
Best thing to use on whiteheads and popped pimples!
on 21/11/2013
This stuff is awesome. Not only does it help bring out the infection in whiteheads, but it heals popped pimples. It does sometimes sting, but that means it's actually working to get out the infected bacteria. I haven't used this all over my face like some people do, but on single zits, it's awesome.
on 21/11/2013
I put toothpaste on one zit to see what would happen, and I'm glad I did one zit and not multiple. It burned my skin so bad! It was also really hard to get off. My pimple was so red and angry looking. This probably didn't work for me because of my sensitive skin, but still. Opt for a more natural choice for pimples, like honey or tea tree oil.
Love this.
on 21/11/2013
I used a honey and cinnamon mask last night for 30 minutes. When I took it off, the blemishes I had picked at were less inflamed and the redness had gone down. I deiced to use this as a spot treatment overnight on certain pimples. I woke up this morning, and my pimples had turned into scabs. Flat scabs! I was filled with joy. This is the best natural home remedy I have found. My skin type is acne-prone, dry, (with the occasional oily nose) and sensitive. This didn't burn my face at all. Don't heat it up in the microwave though, it could lose its antibacterial properties. Make sure it's 100% pure honey as well. (: I wouldn't recommended leaving your entire face covered overnight, just certain spots.
Miss and hit.
on 20/11/2013
I used this for a while, and it appeared to be helping my skin. Then, it started to burn my face and make my pimples get really dry then reappear again 10x worse. The smell is horrible. HORRIBLE. It leaves a white film. The texture is also very clumpy and feels gross.
Wish it coulda worked
on 20/11/2013
I was on this for a while, and it did nothing but dry me out. I really wanted it to work, but it didn't. None of my zits cleared up. It just dried my zits up and made them look angry and red. ):
on 24/10/2013
I loved this the first time I used it. It felt like it was getting my skin clear. The smell is awful which is an instant downfall for me. The shape is...odd. It's very rectangular and weird. It can also be lumpy sometimes when you buy it. I would recommend this for people with oily skin. My dry skin however, couldn't take it anymore.
Good product.
on 24/10/2013
I love this bar of soap. It takes makeup off with ease, smells lovely, won't irritate your skin, and feels just perfect! When my face was irritated from other cleansers, I used this. It doesn't cure acne, but it does soften your skin and calm it, which can definitely help acne calm down and what not. It's also so cheap. You can buy a pack of them for like 5 dollars!
on 24/10/2013
I was excited to use this when it came out. Everyone was raving about it in magazines, and it even had awards for best facial cleanser. I beg to differ. First off, it smells horrible. Almost too medicated. Secondly, it dried me out so bad! I don't see why it's getting awards. I haven't seen anyone use this that I know of. Neutrogena is a little overrated in opinion. Most of their products are harsh or don't work at all. Instead of clearing my face, it dried my face and made me breakout more.
on 24/10/2013
I really like this cleanser. It removes my makeup and feels soothing.