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  1. That's pretty awesome! That link should be posted wherever you see accutane/finasteride sides being discussed!
  2. That's interesting to see that you take an almost identical stack of supplements to what I'm currently taking! Although I use progesterone cream rather than pregnenolone. Regards telomeres, the herb Astralagus is one of the few things you can take to lengthen them, although it's likely you'd need to take large amounts to have a significant affect. It's also said to activate t-cells, which again should be a benefit to us. I've got some in my sups cupboard, but have yet to try it; https://blog.bulletproof.com/hack-your-stress-and-sex-with-these-7-adaptogens/
  3. @mariovitali I think you theory is definitely along the right lines, it'll be interesting to hear the views of a medical professional on this. When you were taking choline & TUDCA, prior to that had you experienced any issues with eating fat? I.e. rapid heart rate or pains under your right rib, or was it just the PFS side effects?
  4. I'm seeing a specialist next week regards pains under my right rib (liver/gallbladder), and issues I have intermittently, seemingly with digesting fat. All my liver enzymes, bilirubin etc always come back fine, and I've had multiple ultrasounds on the area, again nothing abnormal shows up on these. Many of the symptoms seem to tie in with cholestasis Not hard to find evidence of others who have also had what they believe to be accutane induced cholestasis (the lack of bile obviously then results in poor absorption of fat soluble vitamins, bad night vision anyone?!, and an overgrowth of bad bacteria - again there is no doubt about that); https://www.paleohacks.com/supplements/hack-my-liver-s-bile-production-10651 Also the 8 tips for accutane video on youtube Last year I was very ill for about 10 days where if I ate anything with fat in, 45 minutes later I would feel like I'd been poisoned, racing heart, nausea, extreme anxiety. After eating just sauerkraut, potato, fat free yoghurt and tomatoes for a week this went - and resulted in 2 days of my side effecting disappearing. Didn't last obviously, but I did start eating fat again. TUDCA did give me some benefits, I started sweating again when taking 250mg x 3 per day, but after a month or so I started getting chest pains so stopped taking it. May give it another go. I've tried ox bile, granulated lecithin and chinese bitters before, but I'm trying chinese bitters again and have ordered sunflower lecithin as soy raises estrogen so I avoid that now. Many studies show the benefits of TUDCA for treating cholestasis https://examine.com/supplements/tauroursodeoxycholic-acid/
  5. This is CRAZY, watch this video about leaky gut! He goes on about leaky gut leading to bile issues, and resulting in vitamin deficiencies (because they're not being absorbed properly). He goes on about it leading to things like poor night vision, dry skin - sound familiar?! He could almost be talking specifically about accutane side effects here!
  6. Regardless of age, I'm just highlighting the link between liver issues and gut health. It's almost certain we all have gut health issues - look at the gastrointestinal tests everyone gets - EVERYONE with post accutane, PFS, CFS comes back with issues with microbiome. It's too much for co-incidence. I think whatever protocol you decide to follow, eating a very clean (ideally organic) diet with no refined sugar, processed foods, alcohol and plenty of fermented foods like sauerkraut is just a no-brainer.
  7. Everything you look into, related conditions like CFS etc - it all seems to have the root cause of gut health; https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27617201
  8. That's interesting, and pretty concerning as fibrosis is a serious condition and not easy to reverse. Do you know anyone who has been tested and come back negative?
  9. It's just not that simple, it might be bad for some, but beneficial for others. That's the problem with this mess, everyone is affected in a slightly different way. I certainly have no issues with CLO, and it has many benefits such as reducing cortisol, brain health, anti-anxiety etc.
  10. Notice anything from the K2 @guitarman01 ? Assume you supplement D3 alongside it? I'm planning to get back onto the K2. Apparently K1 can be sourced easily from leafy greens like kale, and K1 is converted into K2 in the gut, but I'm not sure if that is the case with our screwed up microbiome, so I'll get on with 100mcg of K2. Apparently the strain of beneficial e.coli (which my gastrointestinal tests show I have no growth of) actually makes vitamin K in the gut, so I'm definitely going to be deficient. Beneficial e.coli also makes some B vitamins in the gut, so probably why I do a bit better taking an active B-complex. It seems to be really hard to actually re-establish beneficial strains in the gut once they've been wiped out, but I'm eating a paleo diet now with loads of fermented vegetables so I'm hoping I can have another go with taking a load of mutaflor probiotic. Also worth pointing out @mariovitali identified vitamin K as one of the main common factors using his analysis software. https://healdove.com/disease-illness/Escherichia-or-E-coli-Intestinal-Flora-and-Bacterial-Infection
  11. What is your cortisol like? Mine is high, over 600nmol/L in the last 2 recent tests. T actually balances out cortisol apparently, so low T can be a factor in higher cortisol. Cushings has a lot of physical symptoms like weight gain, but thin arms and legs, puffy face etc.
  12. My DHT is high - some PFS guys are high, some low, doesn't really make any difference with regards to serum (blood) levels. Almost certain that in all cases cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) levels of DHT are low though. For anyone that hasn't already seen this study; http://www.pfsfoundation.org/news/peripheral-nervous-system-involved-pfs-patients-severe-ed-new-study-demonstrates/
  13. Interesting read. I have 2 close relatives who've suffered from ME/CFS, so it would definitely tie in that there's a genetic link. Both just recovered over time, not following any specific protocol. The fact that dosage of things like tane, finasteride, saw palmetto is also irrelevant also suggests genetic susceptibility - loads of people have all the symptoms from a single pill (for me I just took 10mg for 30 days) My gastrointestinal tests showed similar results with regards to gut flora - my lactobacillus and beneficial e.coli species show no growth. This also ties in with about 15-20 PFS guys who have had this test run, and showed similar trends. Regards sorting this out, it clearly isn't easy. I've got a load of mutaflor in the fridge still - planned to take this over a couple of months, but it just makes me constapated. Might give it another go. I have found the effects of probiotics have varied at different times. Prescript Assist used to make me really bloated to the point of being uncomfortable, but taken a few months later didn't have this effect.
  14. Just had some bloods repeated, and again Inorganic phosphate level is low, quite a bit below range. This could indicate low vitamin D, but this would seem unlikely as I supplement 10,000ui every 2 days, and get plenty of sun (had this tested, waiting results but in the past it's been in range, although low end) Low inorganic phosphate could also indicate Wilson's disease, and I've heard that mentioned a few times. High calcium could be another reason, but mine tested in range. There is also a relation to bile acids. Anyone else has this tested before?
  15. @Jorcruz24 Doctor seems to think this indicates low vitamin D or poor absorption of vitamin D. I've had another blood test for vitamin D, and I'll likely supplement with liquid vitamin D (apparently easier to absorb than the capsules) whether low or in range to be honest.
  16. Do you know how these guys got the head pressure or what this forum is about? I have the same symptoms with head pressure Yeah it's a forum for PFS (Post Finasteride Syndrome), it's another 5AR-inhibitor that results in the same side effects we have, brain fog, sexual dysfunction, ED, dry skin etc etc. That forum is a bit like propeciahelp, solvepfs, allthingsmale post-finasteride etc. Just got some blood tests back, first time I've ever had stuff out of range but possible I've never had some of these things tested before; Serum cortisol - 612nmol/L (150 - 600) - HIGH Serum TSH - 0.51miu/L (0.2 - 0.4) - HIGH Serum free T4 - 19.7pmol/L (10.0 - 20.0) - borderline high Serum calcium - 2.40 mmol/L (2.2 - 2.6) Serum Albumin - 46g/L (35 - 50) Serum Organic Phosphate - <0.3 mmol/L (0.8 - 1.5) - LOW Serum Alkaline phosphate - 53 iu/L (30.0 - 130.0) Haemogoblin concentration - 159g/L (135.0 - 180.0) Total white blood cell count 4.10 (4.0 - 11:00) - borderline low Platelet count - 197 (150 - 400) Mean cell count - 96fl (78 - 100) - borderline high Haematocrit - 0.46 (0.4 - 0.52) Red blood cell count - 4.83 (4.5 - 6.5) Mean cell haemogoblin level 32.9pg (27.0 - 32.0) - HIGH Red blood cell distribution - 12.6 (11.5 - 15.0) Neutrophil count - 2.78 (2.0 - 7.5) Lymphocyte count - 0.98 (1.0 - 4.5) - LOW Monocyte count - 0.24 (0.2 - 0.8) - borderline low Eosinophil count - 0.01 (0.04 - 0.4) - LOW Basophil count - 0.03 (<0.1) Percentage hypochromic cells - 0% Tissue transglutaminase igA level - <0.5 U/mL (<15.0) Erythrocyte sedimentation rate - 2mm/h (1.0 - 10.0)
  17. Just got some blood test results back, and although my potassium was a bit low it was actually phosphates that were very low, and the doctor said this is usually due to low vitamin D.. however I supplement vitamin D at 10,000ui every 2 days, so this seems odd? Anyone else had similar? Everything else apparently fine, but I'll get a print out tomorrow. For anyone suffering from head pressure, might be worth keeping an eye on this thread; http://www.swolesource.com/forum/post-finasteride-syndrome/3368-head-pressure-true-north-fasting-relieving-vs-juice-feast-relieving.html
  18. My sleep has been dreadful since the start of this year, although for the 6 years prior to that (post tane) I slept great. Now I get maximum 4 hours before waking up and not being able to get back to sleep properly. Inability to sleep is also a massive issue for people with PFS. Also I'm not sure if anyone has this, but I'm extremely sensitive to even the slightest bit of light now?! I'll generally sleep to about 2am then get fragmented sleep until morning, but the slightest bit of light wakes me up. I have to have the windows completely blacked out. On the plus side, with my recent issues with extremely low potassium I actually got my doctor to test levels for estradiol! (e2) He said he'd never tested a guy for this before and isn't even sure if there's a reference range, but I'll post the result when I get it.
  19. Hormones are involved, but it's more complicated than that. You've got PFS guys who've worked to get perfect hormone profiles, but still have their sides. Everyone is affected differently, so you need to just do trial and error as what works for one doesn't always work for the other. Sides change over time too, I never used to get sleep issues (tane sides for 7 years), but since the end of last year I've had trouble sleeping and haven't had more than 4 hours straight since last year. @Jorcruz24 - are you noticing anything from the prednisone?!
  20. @Nemesisbrady you might as well give the CDnuts protocol a go, water fast, juice fast, rotate testosterone boosting herbs and do cycles of DHT prohormes. Sounds like you've got pretty good willpower, and some guys are doing pretty well after including the prohormes. http://www.totalmaleoptimization.com I'm going to give this another go including the DHT prohormes (which I've got already). Currently just waiting to get my health back a bit - I've been having issues with chest pains, racing pulse, heart issues - and it turns out it's low potassium. I've been taking a Jarrow B-right B-complex daily for about a year (includes methlfolate) and it looks likely this could be the cause, so I'd supplement with potassium if you start on B-vits.
  21. Just been tested for crohns actually - should know in a week or so, but I think quite a lot of people have been positive for this so it wouldn't come as a surprise. My bloods have always shown quite high cortisol (always in range, but right at the top). Recently I think it's gone even higher, and I'm getting it tested first thing Monday. This goes hand in hand with increased abdominal pains/gut inflation/crohns or whatever it is, but this is likely increasing cortisol significantly, and it's giving me issues like righthand side chest pains, general stress feeling. The below probably explains why I've been feeling better applying progesterone cream, as mentioned recently; https://www.drlam.com/blog/progesterone-cream-and-adrenal-fatigue/961/
  22. If you've gone that far without those issues appearing, then you're probably ok. I've read of some people who've had issues like ED appear while on, or just after finishing the drug, and then the issues have gone away for a bit and then come back months later, but I'm not aware of anyone who has had issues appear first time months after taking it. I think you'll be fine, but I'd still be eating a healthy diet etc if I were you.
  23. Try MSM for joint pain. I've found ashwaganda helps a bit stress too, and it's supposed to help balance hormones. My sides effects have changed over time, 7 years post tane, but obviously have never gone away - the last 6 months have had terrible sleep and digestive issues for example, whereas previously I didn't get these issues. Main things like ED, loss of libido, complete loss of night vision, brain fog haven't changed substantially. I did used to get head pressure like a lot of people talk about however, and that went, but I don't know in response to what. Good luck with the RSO! Check out accutaneispoison and taneabomination's recovery stories on this thread if you haven't already. Took both of them some time to feel the full benefits. I think AIP first noticed his night vision was coming back. Yeah they'll know exactly what the score is with the side effects from their poison, but it's all about the money for them. Just deny responsibility, cover-up, rinse and repeat. No concern for helping those whose lives they've ruined.
  24. The Dr Pezzi 'cure' using Finasteride was discussed again recently, and one of the members of this forum got in touch with the guy. He actually said he would read some of this thread and respond. Sounds like although he did recover his sexual sides using Fnasteride, he went on to get additional sides that he believes were from that. Actually who was it who get a response from Dr Pezzi? Assuming you never heard back from him? Edit: Here we are, it was Feb this year, page 461 http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/295030-repairing-the-long-term-damage-from-accutane/?page=461 @Walden Rev - Did you ever hear anything more back from Dr Pezzi?
  25. I totally agree! Everyone is affected in a slightly different way, and what I'm getting at is there isn't a 'one size fits' all 'cure' as often seems to be alluded to on this thread. It's likely going to involve a combination of things based on the individual. There are a few recoveries on this thread using RSO (Rick Simpson oil), one full recovery, another pretty much full recovery and the 3rd recovered his sexual sides but still has brain fog. Numerous others have tried this, including myself, with no success however. There's also various recoveries on PFS forums with the CDnuts method (cycling testosterone boosting herbs, prohormone cycles all proceeded with some fasting), some have recovered with tribulus alone, some with progesterone cream, some natural recoveries and some via strict diet. I'm not trying to come across pessimistic, but with this being one long thread it tends to go around in circles as obviously new members are unlikely to read all the old posts in full. Although its not possible to search this thread on acne.org, you can just use google to search it, e.g.; Enter the search phrase in google to search the thread for PFS being mentioned; "Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane" PFS