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  1. Hey I'm still here! To be honest in my case, I had so many factors contributing to my acne. High cortisol levels (stress levels, got rid of this with 3 tulsi tea and the ashwaghandha herb). Candida and parasites were a definite issue for me, whenever I did cleanses for either I'd get extremely constipated, killing off all the dead shitt! (Literally haha). I actually had to do colonics to sort this issue (had one yesterday, therapist was delighted because she said there was finally no candida showing up!) Then leaky gut, I've been consuming bone broths and probiotic supplements, fermented foods for ages now. Since I took tetralysal when I was 18 I've never been the same. Almost intolerant to almost all foods( most foods would break me out), ibs-c, worse acne, bad scarring after every cyst or whatever. I was recently told to take Starflower oil, lemon juice in water and high doses of vitamin c, back in the beginning of may. Over the last month my food reactions stopped greatly! So my skin is getting better, but I still have awful scarring and pih. Hoping the stuff I'm currently taking helps with those also, scars are the worst Hope this helps Sorry forgot to answer your actual question! Tests were a joke, paid around 1000 euro for them. Everything came back negative, they were incorrect about my candida levels( they said it was low). They also told me I had no parasites (I did). My advice? Cancel the tests, save yourself the money.
  2. Starting taking lots of vitamin c and lemon water! Its working amazingly well for me these past few weeks, I've been eating stuff I shouldn't and I haven't been breaking out!!
  3. Hey congrats with the baby! If you ever need to chat to someone about your skin and the emotions it brings, please don't hesitate to message me, I'd be glad to help! I've been dealing with it for the last 10 years now