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Adult Acne and Duac has been amazing!
on 06/10/2013
I'm a 40 year old woman who has suffered with acne for as long as I can remember. Since having my kids it has actually got worse. Antibiotics have helped for a while but eventually the effects seem to wear off. In August this year whilst enjoying the amazing weather we were having on holiday in Cornwall I had the biggest cyst type spots appear all over my chin meaning I had to wear make up continually on the beach as I was so ashamed. I went back to my GP who changed my antibiotics but also prescribed Duac. My last experience of a cream antibiotic was years ago and my face inflamed so badly I'd always refused to try this option again however I felt I had no option but to try. So I read all these reviews first and decided to try the Duac just on my chin first and see how my skin reacted. I did get a little redness and dryness during the first 10 days but nothing that noticeable. I continued to use it for a month and have not had one spot!! I have however had a few on my forehead where I haven't used Duac. I am now using Duac all over my T zone on my face and really can't believe the difference. I know I sound like some cliched US advert but I was cynical that it could work but for me it really has. I am so so glad I have tried it and can't believe I have clear skin for the first time EVER!!!!