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great product!
on 05/10/2013
I've been battling adult acne for about a year and a half now. I have on and off breakouts and finally my doctor prescribed this gel.<br/>It's probably the best acne cream I've ever used. It reduces inflammation very well. It's not a MIRACLE drug, but it has noticeable effects in just a week or two. I'm still battling acne but on a much much smaller scale than a few months ago.<br/>Has kind of a sticky texture, so I put on lotion a few minutes after it dries so my skin feels nice.<br/>I would recommend this to any 20-somethings battling cystic jawline and cheek acne like I was. Also, with a rebate I got it for FREE! Even better!
pretty impressed!
on 05/10/2013
I wouldn't call this a miracle cream, but it does its job! I had a really bad acne flair up a few months ago and I was prescribed aczone (and xiana) to use daily. Of course I wanted a quick fix, but aczone says it works best after 12 weeks.<br/>I was patient. Now it's 12 weeks and I would say my skin looks about 75% better! No big breakout clusters, just a few spots here and there. I have dark spots left from my acne but I would much rather have those than pimples. I am pretty impressed with my results, especially after seeing almost no difference for the first month. You just gotta push through and your skin will eventually calm down!<br/>I would suggest putting it on, letting it dry for ~10 minutes and then putting a moisturizer on top because it really dried me out.<br/>I understand different Rxs work different for everyone, but for me aczone really helped my skin.