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It's ok, I guess, if you have nice skin
on 04/02/2014
I used this for a couple of years on a consistent basis. I purchased it because I have oily skin and I will give a try to anything that promises to "mattify" my face. Well, it goes on smoothly and the shade Medium 2.5 was a perfect match for my skin, but the matte effect only lasts for a little while and then I had to resort to touch-ups/powder/blotting. It does offer decent coverage but it tends to rub off on everything, hats, carves, other people's clothes (embarrassing). It did not make me break out more than usual. However I would not recommend it because it doesn't stay on! Unless you have nice skin that rarely breaks out and is not oily, this would seem like it could work for you.
It's a SCAM!
on 03/02/2014
I started buying Proactiv about a year ago because their ads are so tempting, order for only $20.00 and you can schedule your own shipment at your convenience. I ordered and received my first kit and a few days later I was charged another $33.00, so I changed my shipping frequency to 16 weeks, then 6 weeks later another kit arrives and this time they charged another $60.00. I checked my account to make sure shipping frequency was 16 weeks, but then AGAIN about 8 weeks later, another kit comes and they charged me $60 again. I called them to cancel my account and I specifically asked if I could return the last kit they sent, as I had not used it, and also asked if I could get a refund for the last kit once they got it back. The person on the other end told me yes, they would return my money if I shipped back the kit. That same afternoon I went to the post office to send it back, luckily since I hadn't opened the package, I didn't have to pay shipping. Well, the day after I went to the post office, I check my credit card statement and there's a new charge of $33 from Proactive (this was charged AFTER I called them to cancel my shipments); so I called my credit card company and informed them of all this, and that I had sent back the product so I didn't want to to be charged for this anymore. They immediately canceled these charges, so I'm happy with my credit card company for taking my side. Finally, about 6 weeks later, I got a bill from Proactiv stating that I still owed them money; I ignored it but a new one came a few weeks after that. I'm not sending them one more penny, these people are scammers and they have no shame about lying to you on the phone. The product doesn't really work well, but if you are curious about using a treatment like this, you could try one of the dozens of knockoff kits from Walmart or similar stores. They are much cheaper so you will save hundreds of dollars and a lot of headache.
Not very good
on 03/02/2014
First of all, I have been using this wash long before I started The Regimen, and I did not experience any skin tightening, dryness or irritation at all. But then again, it didn't really help clear any breakouts and my skin was still shiny and oily, so it doesn't really work. I didn't want to spend money on a new wash when I started the Regimen so I continued using this as my face wash. I will switch to the cleanser once it's gone.
Good but...
on 03/02/2014
I started The Regimen about two weeks ago and this is what I had in hand. It does work pretty much the same as the treatment does, but this one comes in cream form. It's supposed to be "vanishing cream" but after it dries out it is still visible, particularly if you have to use a lot, as required by the Regimen. This may be a non-issue for some, but if you want to apply foundation later on, it will cause make-up to cake on and look bad. Aside from that, I experienced the same dryness and peeling that one would expect with a BP treatment, and my zits dry up faster than before I started using it, so it must be working.
It does what is supposed to do.
on 20/01/2014
My husband suffers from very dry skin that occasionally peels or flakes. I bought this and told him to mix a few drops with his moisturizer, and it works great, no more flaking or extremely dry skin for him. He loves this stuff and we pack it in a travel-size container for the go. I use it as a non-comedogenic make up remover before washing my face.