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    Ok, so I know I have been shooting this whole silicone thing down because I have not had decent improvement. Until just the last few days, I was not noticing anything substantial. Recently, the large, half inch sized crater has drmamtically started to level. When I feel the depression, it feels much shallower!! Cosmetically, I am still not happy, but there is a leveling effect occuring, though it does not look much better because the "imprint" of the depression is still there. Anybody who has done this know what I mean?? Will that SHADOW or IMPRINT eventually disappear? No photos now b/c it isn't something I can capture on camera.

    Just to let everyone know, I have had dermabrasions, laser, excisions, to no avail until this. This is by far the MOST effective treatment. In fact, I read somewhere it was dubbed the accutane for acne scarring. This is ture because the effects take months and months to notice, but with undying persistance, the efficacy is almost guaranteed!

    I will post with photos by the end of session 6! I am going into session 4 next week!

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    Can anyone describe this procedure in more detail. The online sources don't seem to describe it well. What instruments are used for the suctioning part. I know about the Nokor needles for the sibcicion part, but what does the suctioning do? Im in Denver, a shit city for acne scar treatment. Can I get it done here?

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    Does anoyone think that you can get the most dramatic improvement in depressed acne scarring through using the microdroplet technique numerous times until the depressions are elevated close to the surrounding skin, followd by several sessions of dermbrasion by a wire brush to reduce the 'shadowing' remnant texture. I have noticed over the past several day I can feel my deep left cheek scars becoming shallower, but the cosmetic apppearance of my skin is at its absolute worst. I'm hoping it's just the accuatne that is making my skin and scars look lie shit. I even got a new one on my right cheek, which is now developing this 'orange peel' texture it never had before redoing the accuatne. :(I'm not sure I'm doing all that well, and my depresssion is is severe. The only thing keeping me going is the possibility of this silicone helping.

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    I have been thinking about having botox on my forehead acne scars for a long, long time now. I have superimposed movement over acne scars, as in a confluent line. Not sure if this makes sense, but it's been there ever since my late teens/early 20s, and I'm wondering if relaxing the muscles there would make a difference in the look of the scars. Any thoughts?

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    Has anybody had this in combo with fillers??? I heard another poster mention it recently and decided to google it. Here is what I found.


    Here is another detailed synopsis of the instrument used for this procedure from maker's website:


    Someone please tell me if it was effective!!! This could be the IDEAL treatment for my left cheek scars if it works. Who did yours? Where can I get it done? How is it better than regular subcision w/Nokor needle(if it in fact is better)?

    My cosmetic derm appears to be hip on all the new treatments for scarring. He even does TCA CROSS, which I didn't know anyone else to do except for Rappaport and Chu!! I will ask him about this this week when I go in to have my stitches removed.

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    Does anyone know if standing in front of the microwave after having silicone injected can cause migration of the silicone? I'm not asking so much about reaction, as the silicone is inert, but more about rapid vibration of the silicone beads from the radiation to the point where they can form microbursts and move to different parts of the face. Im asking because I was standing in front of a microwave that was running and I started to get very lightheaded and could feel a weird tingling sensation in my face. Ive been all paranoid about this.

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    Can anyone tell me if it is advisable to use a dermroller after silicone microdroplet? I'm afraid the needles puncturing the dermis will disrupt the placement of the silicone beads. I am very interested in trying this with my much shallower, yet still extensive scarring. Even with the good improvement ive seen, my skin still looks awful and beat up when I looked at my face through this handheld mirror at my derm's office today because I now have ALL OVER small scarring, some I never even knew I had until I looked at my face in that light. Even the scars that I just got a year ago that I thought I could get to disappear looked awful. I'm still pretty sad I let the additonal scarring happen by eating dairy again. Ive gone back to giving it up completely and my doc upped my dose to 80 mg's a day of accutane because I got this big pimple on my right cheek that will inevitably scar :( So sad now.

    BTW, I had my second round but my doc only did 1/2 a cc and he got my forehead. I paid for a full cc though which kinda sucks that its sitting there in the syringe waiting to be injected into my face.

    Total money spent so far on silicone with this doc is $1800

    Money spent last September for DEEP FX is $2600


    And my credit card balance is $3,500, which for me who never spends money on anything else is pretty devastating. It's the one thing in my life I could change is to reverse the damage acne has done to my skin. Guess the silicone took me from high anxiety to medium/light anxiety over my skin, which is better than nothing! I still have hope, if only I could ever get the breakouts to stop :( NO MORE DAIRY EVER EVER AGAIN! This will be hard.

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    Has anyone tried this? I know silicone works well for rolling scars, as I am having it now and am seeing good results. However, I do know that silicone basically turns deep rolling scars into superficial scars. I have a strong feeling for trying a few good deep wire brush dermabrasions with Dr Yarborough, but I don't know if he really is still around. The guy has to be like 90 years old, or he stopped doing the dermabrasion. He was the best at them:


    I just know I can virtually eliminate my scars with this combo. I feel so confident im going to beat this now that I FINALLY figured out what works for me.

    Anyway, dermbrasion works very well supposedly for superficial acne scarring.

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    For all who have had either or both of these fractional laser treatments for pitted acne scarring, please comment on your estimated improvement and if you feel the treatment was worth it. Please also comment on how many treatments you've had and what type of scars you had and where you had them. Including some before and after photos in harsh lighting would also be ideal. I am trying to decide on Deep FX for severe rolling scars.


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    Hello all,

    Im having silicone microdroplet done again with a new and better doctor resnick in Aventura fla. I will post my progress. I had over a dozen rounds of it before with a doctor who was inexpereinced and so I didnt get good results. Since then, I have more new and deep pits, just like the kind ive spent years trying to improve. I am suffering with the anxiety still, just at a higher degree now that the scarring has gotten so much worse. I am on accutane too.

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    Well, after realizing that DEEP FX alone will not make my skin perfect, I set out on a quest to research other avenues I can try while having the DEEP FX. I called a doctor in South Denver who is conducting clinical trails for this new treatment where your platelet-rich blood is drawn, centrifuged and re-injected after subcision into acne depressions to add volume through cell regeneration. I think the procedure is formally called PRP. Not sure of the particulars, need to research more, but when I hear clinical trials, my antennas go up! All I would have to pay for is the cost of the materials, so only a few hundred. Anyway, anybody familiar with this:


    I know I seem obsessive, but I am going to win this battle if it kills me, and hopefully share some information on what REALLY works with everybody here. I think going after the latest and greatest is the best way to have hope rather than trying the older procedures that we all know are ultimately disappointing in the end for acne pitting, eg dermbrasion, CO2, etc.

    I have an appointment scheduled for 9/17. I feel like I'm pulling out the big guns here, and there's this renewed sense of promise :dance:

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    Help, in a desperate attempt to remove the new scars that are bothering me from huge cysts I developed ;ast year, I took my sharp kitchen knife and almost tried to cut out the pitted areas myelf. I don't think I can take this anymore. :( My first DEEP FX wouldn't even help the fresh scars!! I just THREW away $2600 and I went to another doctor who also does DEEP FX in my area. He told me I was savagely ripped off and would do me for only $1200 combined with PRP, which added to myanxiety. I was happy with the extent of my scarring, and was proud my right cheek was only mildy scarred, but now I have 2 HUGE pits, one right under my right ear from the huge sac that I got last year and another one right in the middle of my right cheek. The cysts went down almost a year ago and the deep pit is STILL there! What is happening to me? wHAT DOES SOMEONE DO WHEN THEY never KNOW when they will get a huge new cyst that will inevitably pit deeply???

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    Yes, even when I thought my scarring couldn't get worse, it got worse. I had another bad cystic breakout that left new pits all around my left and right ears. The cysts took months to heal and oozed out clear pus. Now I have these deep red indents. Is there anyone who knows of a trick to catch scars earleir, or a treatment that works when the scars are fresh. Retin A Micro did nothing for my recent cysts and I have been using it to try to alleviate the redness. Can anyone help with the new indents, or am I still f**ked?? PLEASE somebody help me, I feel like killing myself over this.

    And, for the record, nothing has ever worked for lessening the appearance of rolling/saucer scars, which are all over my face.

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    Ok,I went to see my doctor today and he has given up on Fraxel for my scarring. It is just too severe and extensive and it won't respond he said. He is now pushing radiesse filler. I heard before that this was crap and only lasted a few weeks if you're lucky. He is charging $300 for half a syringe. Can anyone comment on how well this works. I know it is temporary, but if I could get a year out of it, I would be happy. I know that is wishful thinking. At this point, only stem cells will help my scars. I have tried everything else. I have saucer type, rolling scars that are very depp and large. I am also trying to use it for severe forehead scarring.

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    Ok, I know silicone injections had some bad press in the past, but what about this study on these patients:


    My doc is thinking about doing this on me next, and I don't know how safe it is or if anyone thinks it's a good idea. I know it is very new, and must be FDA approved if docs are using it. Supposedly one of these patients had silicone microdroplets for 30 years with no side effects (e.g. kidney damage, cancer, etc>>).

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    So this doesn't get posted on here again by a newbie:


    this is a scam, so obvious

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    Ok, so I have relegated myself to become the guinea pig here. I spoke with dr. sTEPHEN hONG in Boulder, Co who uses Fraxel. He directly told me that Fraxel will NOT create a reaction with the silicone: (A) because the silicone is injected well into the subcutaneous layer and (B) because silicone is chemically inert and not affected by the temperature spikes the laser produces.

    Keep in mind this is not a claim Reliant or anyone else can tout publicly due to the non-FDA approval.

    My doctor has agreed to also spot treat my scarred areas, since my deepset scarring is more localized. This will make the procedure WAAAY more affordable for me. So, I am nervous and crossing my fingers that something does not go wrong but feel relived I can continue with other things. Different doctors have conflicting views with this, but so far I have not heard of any negative reports and all the doctors I've talked to are willing to still use Fraxel over silicone, however cautiously. Don't get me wrong, it is still scaring the crap out of me but I don't have much choice at this point in time, as truly effective treatments are either very scarce or nonexistant still in this day and age. I also know, from reading other posts that 30 to 40 percent is considered an excellent result after multiple treatments and not everyone is getting satisafctory or noticeable results on the acne pitting from this. Just another mixed bag treatment is really all it is and I'm sure this fact will come about in about a year. But like I said, I aint spending a lot on this and none else should either!

    By the way, my silicone results were not imrpessive, but my doctor explained to me that my other derm was probably very conservative. This I understand since I went to someone with less experience. I am sure I will revist silicone with big names like Alkek, Orentreich, or Resnick once I have tried some other things.

    My skin still looks like shit, so I hope I get some noticeable imrpovement from something soon!!!

    By the way, has anyone ever run a poll on who's had the most acne scar treatments and what results they had. I am talking about someone who has run the gamit with subcisions, fillers, dermabrasions, maybe 20 to 30 treatments?? I know Dan T had a lot and still complains about notcieable scarring. Anyone else so that I know how far I am supposed to go.

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    Ok, you guys have to research this. I first heard about this yesterday on the radio. I have come up with over 50 different articles that confirm that cow's milk can lead to excess skin oil/sebum in very acne prone individuals. I could never understand why Ive been breaking out for over 20 years non-stop everyday of my life. Horrible horrible cysts and pustules. It is the iodine and hormones in cow's milk that trigger oily skin. And my skin has always been so greasy, so oily all of the time. Yes, greasy food, oily fries DO NOT trigger acne like they once said, but milk is an exception to the rule of acne not being a result of what you eat. The link is the IODINE that triggers inflammatory response. There's even some findings about this from a Stanford University study done recently.

    This would invlove a radical diet change. No cheese, milk yogurt, ice cream anything derived/based onanything bovine.

    I am so distraught. How am I going to do this? But I have to because I am so scarred up and everytime I get a pus filled nodule I get another scar. And my back, right down the V has horrible cysts and scarring :(

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    Recently, I have come to truly realize that my scars are every bit as bad as I thought they were. The damage left behind is irreparable and unspeakable. I really cannot function properly and am thinking about getting prefessional help. It's just that it keeps getting worse every year. I keep getting more scars.

    Now this is what really did me in as far as depression. I was sitting down eating at a restaurant and turned to my left to glance at a mirror. Someone else was sitting directly behind me who had perfect skin. I inadvertently happened to notice that my skin looked horribly pitted and abnormal next to this other persons. I truly could see in the flesh how I looked next to someone with no scars and it was appalling. It was as if I looked like I had leprosy, or like that guy who was left terribly pockmarked with dioxin poisoning. I couldn't even breathe and don;t know how I dragged myself through work. This is the absolute WORST part about the lows, when you catch your skin next to someone elses. I just can't even believe it got this bad, even after accutane. How did this really happen to me and I can't believe this is the awful skin that stuck to me. Somebody please help me. How do I cope with such a disfiguring condition. I am at a very deep somber low right now and am having more and more trouble pulling out of them.

    When someone tells you a story like this, you do not need pictures to describe the severity of the scarring. I won't even go near cameras anymore.

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    Ok, guys here's my excision results. I was disappointed on the improvement, but I think I just need to keep going. I will keep my head up! I know it will cost hundreds of thousand of dollars. I had the excisions performed by Richard Levine MD in Boulder, CO and the stitches removed by his nurse on 8/4:

    Before (7/25/06):


    After (9/2/06):



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    Is this a scam, or does it really work? Who's tried it? I have used accutane in the past but still have a persistent 2-3 pustules a week cycle that's been going on for years, with persistent pustules all over my back.

 Boulder, CO
Getting rid of my scars!!

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