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  1. you should be fine with stopping the bcp. i dont take bcp and spiro has kept me clear for almost 5 years.
  2. Redness 7 weeks after dermapen?

    i am surprised you are red this long but i am sure it will go away in time. i get dermpan done but the esthetician that does it uses stem cells afterwards to speed healing so i only stay red for a few hour afterwards. i would call the medspa and see what they say. they will probably want you to use some hydrocortisone cream for the redness. my med spa used to give me this stuff called pca apres peel balm with hydrocortisone cream to use after treatments. it works pretty well.
  3. Dermabrasion or laser???

    i wouldnt do either. i did lots of laser and it got me nowhere. try dermapen treatments or peels.
  4. Bumpy Chin (Scarring? Rosacea? Food Related?)

    i have these types of bumps too. i had a few of them injected with kenalog it helped some. i need to go back and get more but the only doc that will do it is in nyc so for now i am doing dermapen treatments. i've had 3 of them and they really dont look much different but its helped my indented scars at least. good luck to you i know how hard this is to deal with. the doc in nyc said they were hypertrophic scars.
  5. i would stick with the spiro it takes a good while to kick in i think at least 3-6 months. what you can do now though is ask to be put on a good antibiotic to help clear up the acne you have. i was on keflex and it cleared me right up and then i stayed on that for a while after before i stopped. i am 4 1/2 years into spiro now and still clear so its worth it. spiro was the only thing that kept the cysts away for me. good luck and get on that antibiotic stat!
  6. Help with scars, dermapen?? Pics included

    i dont know if i would start with dermapen for what you have now. i would probably do a series of ipl's for the redness that will help a lot. if you have indented scars then you can do dermapen treatments in the future when you dont have any active acne but for now dont do anything crazy. i am doing dermapen treatments now for my indented and raised scars on my chin. its helped for the indented scars but not doing anything for the raised scars. i've had 3 of them and will do at least 3 more in the next 3 months. good luck to you!