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favorite colloidal sulfur, less irritating on skin than the other version of KAVI soap
on 26/11/2013
This is my primary acne treatment product! I no longer use prescription creams like I did for a decade. I use this once a day, every day but instructions say to wash twice a day, but I'm lazy with my skin regimen these days. This bar works for me well as breakout prevention. My skin stays mostly clear, but occasional breaks out do occur and I'll use more potent Coral Kavi and even spot treatments. You need to give a few months to see effects. Sulfur purges your skin by removing surface layer and initially it may look like it's breaking you out more. Don't forget to moisturize your skin after washing!
potent, non smelly sulfur bar that replaced my $300 prescription cream regimen
on 26/11/2013
I have been using KAVI soaps for third year now. Before this, I was weaning off prescription retinods. This is not just a bar soap but a well formulated product that is in soap shape. I wish I had used this years before but I didn't believe a face wash with soap would treat acne when prescription meds and dermatologists didn't always work. But now KAVI is m religion! Their sulfur soaps are primary treatment for daily acne control. The Coral is stronger so I use it 2 times a week only as it does dry and irritate my skin type. The Aqua is what I use daily (once a day) with its 5% sulfur it's not as drying as this Coral. With regular daily use, I had my break outs mostly under control with in weeks. I couldn't believe years of retinoid creams that cost me hundreds were replaced by sulfur soap. I think KAVI is the only brand that uses colloidal sulfur which is superior to other forms.
does work well as spot treatment
on 26/11/2013
This product has a gooie-gel like consistency, but the sulfur has always worked well for my breakouts. I use it as spot treatment and my zits go away in 2 days of regular use. Sometimes, the zit will shrink with in hours on same day. Like most sulfur products it does have unpleasant odor, but I rather take that for 10 minutes than acne breakouts! The small bottle has a lot of product that lasts a while. You don't want to use too much as it's very potent.
Oxybenzone made my eyes sting and skin to breakout
on 26/11/2013
I tried Neutrogena SPF 15 again because I liked how light the formula felt and easy to use with the pump compared to Olay's SPF 15 that feels more thicker and no pump. Well again, Neutrogena made my eyes sting after 10 minutes of having the lotion on my face. I tried using it for 2 weeks before having to give up on it because I couldn't even drive my car, it was like pepper spray in my face. I called them and they said some people are allergic to oxybenzone they use. I guess I have to stick to natural SPF like Olay's zinc oxide even though it feels thicker and doesn't moisturize as well.
on 19/07/2010
For sensitive skin, this may irritate you with its AHA. Use other Neutrogena SPF products.