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  1. Radio-frequency Microneedling

    keving100,did the intracel improve your scars. Ive been told its good for old acne scars,is this correct.
  2. Dermastamp or Laser CO2

    Yes,I only had one treatment of CO2. You won't see improvement in needling with just one treatment (read my above post).
  3. Please advise me

    There is no pictures in these links.
  4. Dermastamp or Laser CO2

    I wouldn't do CO2,I've had it done,Its a waste of money.The improvement you would get from CO2 would be minimal, about 10%.Don't believe pictures (have a closer look) bc they are taken in different light and angles to convince us that these treatment work. I would take beautifulambition's advice on the TCA peels,but I would still do dermarolling every 8 weeks.Do a TCA peel or Dermarolling,vice versa,every 8 weeks,Always remember,collagen is a slow process,it can take upto six month to renew,the longer,the better inbetween treatments.I read that collagen is very fragile and can be easily damaged,I believe this to means,too much treatment in the same area in a short periods of time.
  5. Is anyone familiar with Radio-Frequency Microneedling.Does this procedure help improving acne scars.If so,what type of acne scars does it improve. As anyone had the above treatment done at Dr Jonquille clinic by her assistant,Victoria,and did it help improve your acne scars.
  6. Please help me

    Look at the page below to identify what kind of scars you have,and what procedure you need to help improve these scars.
  7. Redness 7 weeks after dermapen?

    If you consider subcision,also do the suction method bc you may get more scarring at the incision area.
  8. Why is subcision so expensive?

    Shades,which Dr/company quoted you £200 for one scar?.. just curious to know.
  9. Redness 7 weeks after dermapen?

    I wouldn't do subcision,your scars aren't that bad enough for sub.I would try doing TCA cross first,then 25% TCA peels every month. I would get your skin used to the TCA acid and by low concentrated TCA peel of 12%.Do a couple of 12% TCA peels,one a month,every month,then move onto the next higher TCA peel till you reach the 25% TCA peel.If your scars haven't improved after these peels then try some other scar treatment.
  10. Redness 7 weeks after dermapen?

    Have you tried Arnica cream for the redness.
  11. How do you know it isn't tethered? I believe it is,so subcision combined with suction would work.
  12. Microneedling questions and issues

    I would try subcision combined with the suction method.Buy a 3-1 diamond microdermabrasion machine (45w) to suction. You have to needle every 8 weeks to allow collagen to reproduce.Collagen can take upto 6 months to produce to see good results,so the longer you wait inbetween each needling treatment,the better. Arnica cream is good for redness but it dries your skin when using it.Don't use any moisturizer when using Arnica cream bc the cream won't be effective.
  13. Ive been with my partner since 1985 when my skin wasn't that bad.I got arthritis a year later and the acne came back with a vengeance.I have sever acne scars now,and my partner is still with me.Even having a partner for so long you'd think I was happy.Well Im not,I still worry about the scars,day in,day out.Even her friends have said,what you doing with him,horrible Bast..ards.
  14. Did you ever find out about subcision in UK.I had subcision done by Dr Chu at Hammersmith Hospital,London.I was discharged for not attending some of my appointments (discharged if you cancel two appointments).