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on 28/03/2014
If you've read other reviews, it would be clear that my skin has been through hell! I realized that no moisturizer/sun screen worked for my skin especially when I was trying to clear up acne. EVerything I tried just made my skin worse. My skin has become sensitive after using BP, AHA and starting glycolic peels to get rid of acne and other sun screen products were causing havoc on my skin. I was given this at my dermatology clinic and it is the ONLY sun screen that has been good on my skin! I use it EVERY DAY and have one at home, and one in my purse so I'm never caught without it!
Great until you build resistance!
on 28/03/2014
When I first went to see my GP with bad acne (2003) he prescribed this for me. It worked BEAUTIFULLY!!! I have always had problems with acne and this was my second time with a cycle of bad acne.<br/>However after using this for a couple of years (Not continuously, as the doctor advised against it... every few months for a couple of years) the effectiveness stopped completely. My doctor said that I may have built up resistance towards the antibiotic, and prescribed topical Erythromycin solution. Helped for awhile but became ineffective too.<br/>DOES NOT MEAN IT WONT WORK FOR YOU!!! It DID FOR ME!! just became less effective over time.
Wasn't for me
on 28/03/2014
It felt great on the skin especially after finishing the treatment. Skin was smoother and brighter. I started this treatment when I was a teenager (2004/2005) as a first resort to reduce acne scarring.<br/>After 2 months of going for sessions, I noticed no long term difference and it was expensive for me.<br/>But i did love the how my skin felt and looked for awhile after.
Worked for me - my skin requires continuation though
on 28/03/2014
I use the regimen and loved the AHA. I still had some long-time (old) scarring that I wanted to fade once the acne reduced. I saw a dermatologist and he recommended glycolic peel every 2 weeks as I was working full time and had no ability to take time off for healing.<br/>It stung and I had to hold a fan to my face while it was there, but it was quick and after 2 months of treatments I was seeing results. I was asked to increase the strength of the peel as well upto 50% and even up to 60% over a few months. I loved it! BUT SUN SCREEN IS A COMPLETE AND ABSOLUTE MUST! I did not experience visible peeling or redness (I have brown skin).<br/>Unfortunately, due to weather and stress my acne is back and I'm back on the regimen. Some scarring is starting again, but I am on AHA hoping to never go back to where I was.
Didn't do it for me - made it worse...
on 24/03/2014
I have very oily skin, with dark spots, and frequent acne breakouts. I used this about 2 years ago. Proactive just didn't work for me. I kept at it for awhile. It just made my skin breakout more. I switched to and never looked back.<br/>That being said, it has worked for one of my friends.
Cannot Thank you enough for this!!!
on 24/03/2014
I bought the entire regimen after my sister bought it online and was seeing some results. I had bad acne and scarring and was getting sick of using all sorts of products in the market.<br/>After using the Regimen for about 3 months My acne was minimal (only one or two starting to appear IF i eat too much chocolate), and my skin tone was becoming smoother.<br/>I was SOOOO happy!!<br/>I couldn't use the moisturiser though for some reason - my skin was so oily in very humid conditions that I seemed to get more acne. So I used the regimen WITHOUT moisturiser (BUT used sun screen) BECAUSE my skin was SUPER oily and I was sweating all the time.<br/>I still use it 1.5 years on. I relocated to a drier climate and it made my skin break out again, and this time the Moisturiser IS HELPING to keep my skin calm. I'm seeing the breakouts reduce and the AHA is helping even the dark spots again!<br/>THANK YOU SO MUCH for this WONDERFUL product and I have been recommending to all my friends who have noticed the difference!!!