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  1. How I Cleared My Acne Naturally- Questions

    ID be interested to know what foods you consume to repair the gut?
  2. 4 years later update on my acne status

    Thanks for your post. Im a 33 y/o male who has suffered with acne since my early teens. I went Gluten/Dairy/Sugar free about 6 months ago. I've also tried to incorporate Yoga (specifically DDP Yoga) and breathing exercises into my daily routine too. I do feel it helps a lot. Just a few questions... Weight lifting... Do you think this aggravates acne? Do you drink Alcohol at all?
  3. Quinoderm face wash? It gives me that slightly dryish/tight feel that you mention. It contain a BP/SA mix which I've been using.
  4. So it seems for the past 4 years, I get these large cyst type spots between my nose and cheek. Always happens around this time of year. Can anyone give me any advice on what to do?
  5. Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D3 and Zinc

    I ended up changed to a lower form of zinc (Vit C with 15mg Zinc) and cut out the Mg and Ca, as my cheeks got hella greasy and i broke out there whilst taking them. The Zinc did contain a copper supplement too, so it might have been that, that gave me the reaction. I may experiment with the Mg and Ca again in the next couple of weeks. I also bought a weights bench and started some (quite moderate) benching. I really want to be able to work out, but I'm praying it's not whats breaking me out. I bought some Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar, Vit A and B5 supps a few weeks back, but they're currently just sitting on the shelf. I don't wanna try too much at once because then it's hard to know whats doing what then.