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Stronger formulations do not equal better. Take the 2.5% plunge!
on 04/07/2014
Okay, this is going against all the math you've ever learned, but in this case 2.5% > 5.0% - 10.0%. That's right, less is more! Out of all the regimen products, I am least consistent with applying my BP. That said, the BP really supports the healthy skin established with the regimen's cleanser and moisturizer. I remember being very committed to using the BP when I started the regimen 3-4 years ago. Now I use it most during periods I know I'll need the boost ... like just before periods. Invest in white pillow cases and ragged sleepy-time shirts. Wal-Mart (and I'm sure other retailers) even sell bath towels that are resistant to BP bleaching. If you have to use it more than once before sleep, just be very careful about your clothes as even sweat mixed with BP can lead to bleached-out collars.
Simple and effective.
on 04/07/2014
Take 3-6 months and try it. After all, you've probably spent lots of time and money on lots of other products, right? Here's the thing, though: DO NOT add non-regimen products to your routine. If you wear make-up, read Daniel Kern's information about cosmetics and be very savvy about the all-over cosmetics you buy (foundation, primer, blush, powder, etc). I used a popular chain cosmetic store's very generous return policy to try out skin-friendly brands. I selected items that were fragrance-free, non-comedogenic, and with as few ingredients as possible. When I found a winner, I knew my choice would not be overriding the benefits of the regimen. Also, be aware of other external factors that can cause acne. The regimen is not a miracle cure. My cystic acne required prescription care as a teenager. I still have large pores and am prone to blackheads. That said, the regimen keeps my skin consistent amid life's inconsistencies. I still have stress acne and some breakouts around a certain time of the month. That might mean one or two small pimples, though, compared to major fallout from a vicious acne cycle (stress, major breakout, stress over breakout, more breakout, scarring, stress. etc.). Take the time and effort to give your skin the chance it deserves. And I really hope the regimen works for you as it has, happily, worked for me.
Slather it on!
on 04/07/2014
I've learned a lot about skin in the last few years (thanks, college!) and the key to moisturizing your epidermis is to slather on the lotion love. Try this: next time you apply sunscreen, smear it all over your face. Be messy. Wait 15 minutes and see how much your skin has absorbed. It's like we're sponges! So be generous with's moisturizer, too. I've used the regimen for 3-4 years and couldn't be more positive in my recommendation. This moisturizer won't leave you oily (I have combination skin); you will have a dewy sensation though. If you have particularly oily skin, expect this moisturizer to keep you balanced. I notice my oily spots (T-zone) are apparent mid-day, but this is normal for me and not associated with subsequent breakouts as it was before the regimen. If you have the same problem, simply blot with tissue or blotting paper. If you wear make-up, be sure you are not adding to the problem! Find powders, foundation, etc., products with jojoba oil and little to no petroleum or other types of oils. JOJOBA FOR THE WIN!
Best change you can make in your routine.
on 04/07/2014
I've been on the regimen for years (3-4) and couldn't be happier. I find the cleanser to be the foundation of good skin health. If you are wary of changing up your skin care routine, start with the cleanser. Don't be put off by its no-frills, unscented quality. This is the real deal! I know many brands peddle micro beads, exfoliating action, tingling sensation, and other magical qualities to make you feel like the cleanser is 'doing' something. Don't slap your face with such harshness! Get it clean and balanced with the low-key, super gentle cleanser.