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  1. Face Scars - Help

    So peeps now my acne has pretty much calmed down, get the odd spot here and there but who doesn't, I want to try and fix the scars I am left with, if this means completely removing them or at least improving them I'd be happy with either, so what's my options, scars are on the face, have some on body but not too fussed about these, heard TCA is good but yeah give me your opinions, thanks.
  2. Extremely Dry Skin

    I don't think it's that bad where my skin has started to peel but it's definitely inflamed and red, sometimes the only way to get rid of the itching is just to itch it but I know that's bad for the skin, on my scalp I suffer with dandruff, is that related at all, I've suffered with that for years now, probably as long as I have with dry skin, sometimes the skin does swell as well, i get red lumps which normally bleed when I itch them, it's just horrible I'm constantly moisturising. Thanks for your reply.
  3. Extremely Dry Skin

    Couldn't find anywhere else to write this so hope it's in the correct place, anyways I've been suffering from acne for years now, but in the last couple years or so my acne has started to clear up, I still get acne just not as bad, the main thing I seem to suffer with now and quite bad as well is dry skin which in turn makes my acne worse as I'm constantly itching my skin and picking it, I get dry skin on my face, neck, my ears, behind my ears and my eyebrow area is probably my worse areas, anyways I've tried countless moisturisers with no help, all they do is give temporary relief, should i go see my doctor, I was thinking of changing to the cleanser on this site also see if that helps as my current one is a little drying, I'm guessing the one on here isn't?, any suggestions welcome.