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Good Intentions
on 19/09/2013
This product was definitely a so-so. I had a period of time when I only wanted to use natural products on my skin. This product worked well at some times, but overall it did nothing to clear my moderately severe acne. I used this cleanser along with the ENTIRE Yes To Tomatoes brand. The best thing in my opinion was the facial scrub but it was too harsh to continue using.
on 19/09/2013
This gel was by far the best thing that ever worked on my acne. I wish I could've kept using it but it was no longer available to me. The only problem I had, that was my own fault, was extremely sensitive skin after overusing the product. You HAVE TO work your way into using more. DO NOT go overboard right away or will have extremely irritated skin. I did not use sunscreen while using this product and suffered blisters after spending a day outside. BAD IDEA. So just make sure to moisturize and use SPF like an Albino. Stick to a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil.
Not Very Effective
on 19/09/2013
I think Epiduo is very overrated. This was my second prescription topical gel I was given by my doctor. I used it religiously and hoped against all hope. I even used Cetaphil face wash like they recommend and used moisturizer. All I got from Epiduo was itchy, blotchy skin. I really thought this would work on my moderately severe acne, but unfortunately it struck out. Luckily I was able to get it with the coupon, so it was fairly cheap.