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A natural, safe and effective way to treat acne from the inside--FINALLY!
on 26/09/2013
In the 7 weeks I’ve been taking AcnEase, I’ve noticed a big decrease in oil production, and the little acne I do have heals SO much faster. Since I’m fighting “severe acne” after having been using tretinoin, antibiotics, and birth control for YEARS, I plan to stay on AcnEase for a while (the worse your acne, the longer treatment you’ll need).<br/>I feel good (read: way less anxious!) knowing I’m treating my acne from the inside, in a natural, SAFE way that has no side effects. Acne really does have to be treated from the inside in order to make your sebaceous glands produce less oil so that you stop getting acne, and that’s exactly what AcnEase does. I was so excited when I learned about AcnEase, especially because it got some great reviews from people I trusted. This might sound dumb, but I feel so FREE knowing I don’t have to restrict my sun and wind exposure anymore. All my other acne products made my skin so sensitive that I was paranoid to hang out in the sun in the summer and had to wrap my entire face in a scarf if I even stepped foot outside in the winter. I only wish I’d found AcnEase sooner to avoid the horrible side effects I’m STILL dealing with from endless topical and oral antibiotics, tretinoin, and birth control use.<br/>I also love that AcnEase provides amazing support, which is something I’ve never gotten with any other product I’ve tried. Dr. Agnes is really there for you to talk to, whenever you have questions or concerns, so it's not like you buy the treatment and they leave you hanging. And they’re always putting helpful articles on their website to help you along the way to clear skin.<br/>I plan to do a followup video review in a few months!