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jojoba worked on my oil/acne prone skin. best cleanser.
on 04/11/2013
I used proactive at the sight on one pimple around age 15. That was the catalyst for terrible skin because after proactive my skin began to break out terribly. I continued using proactive and other very expensive derm procedures which did improve my skin but caused it to be extremely sensitive. Anytime my skin would be 100% great I would stop using proactive and just wash my skin with a benzoyl peroxide non abrasive cleanser like clean and clear (I didnt want to damage my skin with proactive because from what I've read is a very harsh and unhealthy product nor did i want to be forever dependent upon proactive). this would cause huge breakouts in my skin. I did this several times in those ten years and each time it was the same result. Tten years later (at my current age 25) I decided to commit to getting off proactive permanently. my skin was terrible for the first 4 months partly due to my inconsistent use of many diff products. i committed to a combination of the regimen with gentle and chemical free origins cleanser + benzoyl peroxide alternating with retina. My skin has seen improvement but breakouts are still occurring especially in my forehead (I never broke out here in the ten years on proactive). Recently, i decided to use an even more gentle cleaner, jojoba oil. I also began washing my face only once a day (something I've never done in the past 10 years). I immediatelyi saw a huge difference in my skin. it was soft, the acne that was present was minimized by the second day and my skin continued to look healthy around the blemishes.I also did not break out.<br/>so far so good. eventually id like to eliminate the bp and just stick with tretinoin every other night. we'll see...