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on 05/02/2015
Tried this based on good reviews. Used for about a week, just once a day, and each day acne got progressively worse. Each pimple seemed to get more red and more irritated. Stopped use and pimples healed and disappeared quickly.
Favorite Oil, Great w Regimen
on 29/03/2014
My sons tried many moisturizers with the regimen and none worked well. They all stung and left their skin red, or they caused breakouts. I finally bought them the Now brand grapeseed oil to try and they have been very happy. They use it as their moisturizer on the regimen. It is very gentle, doesn't sting, and gives adequate moisture. It also is doing an amazing job fading hyperpigmentation. Since starting the grapeseed oil their skin has never looked better. It just seems to work perfectly for them.
Excellent Cleanser
on 29/03/2014
This cleanser does a perfect job. It cleans well and does not leave any residue or film on the face (like Cetaphil). Neither is it over drying. Works really well with the regimen.
Not As Good As I Thought It Would Be
on 23/03/2014
My sons started taking 50 mg Zinc due to the good reviews. At first it seemed to help with redness in their skin and seemed to diminish red marks. However, over time they were getting more new pimples, both inflamed and under-skin bumps. So not only was the zinc not helping but it seemed to be worsening their acne. I think zinc actually increases testosterone so if you are a teenage male it probably won't work for you. My sons stopped taking it after a month.
Cannot Recommend
on 14/11/2013
I bought this for my sons to use for their back acne and really wanted to like it, thought it would be a good 2.5% BP product to try. My sons have used Dan's BP, as well as ProActiv and Neutrogena 2.5% BP in the past with great success in treating acne. However, the Paula's Choice didn't really help clear their acne at all, it just seemed to make it more red and inflamed. Unlike the other BP products they've used, which really worked quickly and produced results, this just made the acne look worse. They stopped using it and the back acne actually cleared up quicker using nothing at all.
Excellent Cleanser
on 21/10/2013
Bought this for my 2 teenage sons and within days their skin looked much better. I never thought a cleanser could make any real difference. The Sebamed seems to help dry up and prevent pimples without overdrying the skin or making it red. They previously used Purpose or Neutrogena cleansers that were ok, but never seemed to prevent acne or make their skin look any better. This one does! I could not find it in any stores so I ordered it online directly from Sebamed. I will definitely repurchase this!