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Breaks me out :(
on 03/11/2013
I have very dry skin and it's been very hard to find an acne-safe moisturizer that's moisturizing enough. This has been the only thing that moisturizes my face enough to be able to put on foundation and have my face not be flaking by the end of the day. That's why I was so sad when I saw about 3 new pimples the day after I used it. This is the second time I've tried it. The first time, I broke out as well, but I couldn't pinpoint what was making me break out as I changed a few things about my acne regimen all at once. But now I know I definitely can't use this. :(
Best I've found so far
on 03/11/2013
I've tried a whole litany of acne treatments like most people on here and while this cleanser isn't the perfect miracle I've been realizing it's wrong to search for, it's pretty amazing. Certainly the best thing I've found. I wash with the C&C blackhead clearing scrub in the morning, then again in the night followed by this cleanser because salicylic acid alone doesn't do much for my acne and it's the only constant thing I've found to mostly keep away my acne. It's 10% BP but I have dry skin and it does not dry it out one bit. I only have one thing against it which is that like many C&C products, it's fragranced, but that hasn't seen to have broken me out.