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Great Pillow!
on 03/09/2013
I've been extremely satisfied with the MyFacePillow. I've tried a few other pillows in the past: the Vasseur pillow, the "Save My Face" pillow, the Vanity Pillow that range anywhere from $50 to $185. I always found them to be too firm and putting an uncomfortable amount of pressure on the lower jaw and neck. I had a hard time getting used to them and was never completely satisfied. The MyFacePillow is excellent, great quality. I had absolutely no trouble getting used to it. It is made out of memory foam, so it's very soft and comfortable. It is wonderful at supporting my head, preserving the moisturizer I apply on my skin and simply giving me a good night sleep. Apart from the obvious anti-aging, anti-acne benefits, it's been extremely useful after my recent dental surgery. I had a bone grafting procedure and the MyFacePillow was a must during my recovery. I'm buying one more pillow for travel, the best part, it takes no space in your luggage. I don't write reviews, but I wanted to say Thank You for the<br/>great product and wonderful customer service!