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Finally! A drugstore Mineral Foundation that does not break me out!!
on 24/03/2014
My experience with this Mineral Foundation has been an absolute joy! I have been using this for over a fortnight now and It has not broken me out yet, and I can assure you that is strange for me! I break out at the drop of a hat. Especially makeup. I have just recently bought my second back up bottle because I love it that much! (and there was a 40% off sale at priceline). I love how it doesn't break me out and I can feel it lets my skin breath all day, I even do gym wearing it (when i'm too lazy to take it off..which is nearly everyday) and have not broken out, crazy huh? I use a blush brush to apply because I find this size brush fits into the bottle, I tap 3 times with my brush handle on top before opening to settle the powder so it does not go everywhere. I have got the technique down pack so I do not spill any anymore nor make a mess. I build my coverage up to a light-medium coverage and I find it leaves a wonderful dewy finish :) It looks like skin! Doesn't even look like i'm wearing makeup when I have it on. Covers blemishes extremely well. I just absolutely love this for everyday foundation - in fact I have even been using it for special occasions because I just love that airy feeling, that "my skin is actually still breathing with makeup on" feeling.<br/>I love that this mineral foundation is easy to find, don't have to go online and wait for postage :)
Best day cream for ALL skin types.
on 24/03/2014
The product claims:<br/>91.8 % ORGANIC INGREDIENTS<br/>Perfect for all skin types, this indulgent moisturising day face cream is packed full of precious bio-available ingredients, including anti-oxidants to give thirsty skin superior hydration on top of anti-ageing and calming benefits.<br/>The secret is in the rosehip with its essential fatty acids, 9 and 6 and omega 3, which help strengthen and encourage skin elasticity and plumpness. Shea, jojoba and macadamia protect and ginkgo that was highly prized in ancient cultures for its detoxifying benefits is now known to also contain powerful anti-oxidants which help protect the skin from environmental aggressors. Your skin will feel soft, nourished looking visibly brighter and energised.<br/>Everything it claims - delivers 100% results. For all skin types including sensitive. My skin is combination, acne-prone and quite sensitive. I break out at the drop of a hat. This product did not break me out. I have been using this for aroudn 1 month, I have tried 100 other moisturisers which I used once or twice and had to throw out. This is so light and soothing, and it never makes my skin more oily then what it would be. You know how some of them make you look like an oil slick after a few hours or so? Well this one doesn't. You can wear it all day and will look radiant and bright without the greasy look.<br/>The first day I put this on, my boyfriend come home and asked me if I was pregnant ..I said..why? And he said because I looked like I was glowing! Wow how is that for a compliment?! First day and he seen results. So that is saying something. He never says that kinda stuff especially so random like that. Yup, it shocked me as much as it is probably shocking you to read. Lol :)
Not bad, not bad at all
on 24/03/2014
I will say that, I used this along side the Salicylic Acid blackhead scrub, and my face was really dry and flakey so this offered me 0 moisturization, if anything dried it out more. BUT I think this product would be absolutely AMAZING if you were not using any drying chemicals/products and just wanted a moisturiser with Salicylic Acid in it to control shine and pimples from popping up. This did break me out in a few little pimples (but they healed and went away by the next day) but I really think that was because my face was being slammed with too much Salicylic Acid and my skin was super dry and flakey from the scrub I was already using.<br/>I have kept this in my drawer for days when I can not find time to use my scrubs or gel cleanser from the Pure Active Intense line. (Garnier)<br/>I recommend this to people who have oily skin and are not using other drying chemicals on their faces - this moisturiser is quite drying but that would work well if your face is already quite oily :)<br/>I love how it sinks straight into your skin and makes it feel baby bum smooth. It leaves a pleasant cooling sensation (but don't worry if this scares you, it doesn't last too long)
My Absolute Favourite Scrub Ever!!
on 23/03/2014
Well, my experience with this product has been really, really amazing! It took around 5-7 days to get flawless, smoother as a babys butt skin but IT WORKS!!! My skin did go quite dry because of the 2% Salicylic Acid in the product. You can really feel it working in your pores and cleaning all the dead skin and imperfections off - I would not really recommend this to people with open wounds on their faces because it would probably hurt! I have sensitive skin and this does NOT irritate it at all. People with quite bad acne I will strongly tell you not to squeeze those whiteheads before using this! This scrub will literally scrub them all off without digging those nasty fingers in your skin :) I have noticed my overall complexion is a lot brighter and even, also those light pink surface scars some pimples leave have lightened A LOT and some have even completely faded. It is also really affordable - especially when it is on sale! (I got it on a 20% off sale from target and it was just over $7) Oh and one more thing, my skin is quite oily usually especially in the T-zone. My chin always gets dry fastest and my face is quite sensitive to most products. I also break out at the drop of a hat if the wrong product is used on my face.<br/>The moisturiser I have been using every day is a very light day time moisturiser from the People For Plants line :) It is 91.8 % ORGANIC!! It is seriously such an amazing moisturiser - especially for me I have oily skin and I have literally tried 100 different moisturisers in my time so far and this is definitely the one I am sticking to for an extremely long time. Probably forever. This moisturiser and this scrub work amazing together! It never breaks me out and never makes my skin more oily than it usually is. And it has no nasty chemicals in it so, less chemicals on your face means less irritation = less breakouts!!<br/>But yeah overall this scrub is perfect - the beads are not too harsh and I use it 2 times a day :)<br/>It clears blackheads out too! And does everything the bottle claims.
Good overnight spot treatment for inflamed/infected pimples
on 29/01/2014
After using it as a spot treatment and mask for 2-3 months, it worked great at the beginning but just blocked my pores from breathing properly over night. 50/50 treatment but not the best. Best used as a spot treatment for inflamed and nasty infected pimples - then when they are healed a bit better put benzoyl on them and they are gone :)
Great store brand mineral foundation
on 03/10/2013
I really love this foundation! To apply it correctly and get the full coverage you should really use your own Full face brush or Kabuki brush to get greater results. I find the one that comes with it would be an okay alternative if it was an emergency if used correctly, with lots of care and time. It only takes me about 5 minutes to apply this all over my face, I like to slowly build up the coverage to a medium-full coverage. You MUST read the sticker (instructions) and packet to understand how to apply it properly to get the best results. Once you learn the trick its really easy to put on without looking cakey or weird. All you have to do is read the instructions and LESS IS MORE~! That rule goes with any mineral foundation.
Unhygienic and Irritating to the skin which = Acne/Pimples
on 03/10/2013
Bacteria spreader.<br/>Not hygienic unless you replace pad everyday if you have zits.<br/>Would only see results if you have already clear skin and just want to maintain it.<br/>Should only use for a short time once a day in replacement with a facial scrub to avoid too much irritation.<br/>Can cause irritation for people with sensitive skin.
Don't use when using over the top of BP
on 02/10/2013
This was great when I first started the Regimen, but now my skin gets kind of red and sensitive from using BP often. I found it was great for the first week but then it began to really burn my skin. I do not recommend this product if you are using Benzoyl Peroxide or any other harsh chemicals on your face. However, I do recommend if you are just looking for a good moisturiser for everyday use and your skin is in good condition.
My favourite daytime sunscreen/moisturiser!!
on 30/09/2013
I have literally put all my other SPF's to the BACK of my cupboard since using this amazing product! I love to use a SPF during the day because I find my skin gets sunburn sooo easily between my UV fluorescent lights in the house and sunlight coming in. Also from being outside doing daily activities. I mix this with 2-3 drops of jojoba oi and gently rub it on everyday and it never balls up on me either. I seriously recommend this to people using BP, also if you aren't this is a really good product!
Best oil ever!
on 24/09/2013
My favourite oil ever! Do I recommend this item? YES YES YES~!!!