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Best ever for bacne
on 08/10/2013
My child had both face and back acne. Her treatment for her acne worked great for her face however the back acne was a different story. Back acne can be extremely stubborn. She was given BenzEfoam Ultra. She is to use it at night before showering by applying it with a loofa brush and letting it sit on her back for 3 to 5 minutes and then showering it off. Before bed she just uses an OTC Benzoyl Peroxide cream. This has beeen the only thing that has worked on the stubborn bacne. She even tried a benzoyl wash that was 10% and over the counter and that didn't work. There had been many acne spots that have been there for months and now they are gone. It only took about a week before we could see the major change. She didn't clear up totally in a week but we could she that it was working and subsiding. Obviously because when you see a product working than you are encouraged and feel hopeful. Give it a try if you have acne on your body. If used right then it really works. Oh yes the reason why she has a different treatment for her face is that the BenzEfoam can be really harsh on the face as well as body acne and face acne respond different to treatments. Her back acne was moderate/severe. No scarring either!
Works for some but not me!!!
on 21/09/2013
When I went on this pill the only reason was to control my acne. Several of my friends are on it and it has cleared them up. I am 16. When I started I knew that I only had a 1/3 chance of it working. 1/3 of people it works for. 1/3 it does nothing for and of coarse my category 1/3 of people it makes acne worse. I stayed on it for 3 months and I was told it takes about that long to work. However what I didnt understand was that in the 3 months that it takes to work my acne should not have become worse. There really shouldn't be an initial breakout from BCP's. Your acne might not get better however it should not cause your acne to exploded and get worse. Read the side affects from the maker or ask your gyno. I have seen my friends that it has worked for and that is why it is hard for me to rate it. If you are in the group of 1/3 that it works for than lucky you. This is just something you need to try and see if it helps. I also eat really well and am very very active. I put on 10 to 14 lbs and I couldn't budge that weight off me no matter what. It was to the point that I was barely eating and still no weight loss. I actually looked bloated all the time and the weight was all around my middle. I do at least 700 ab and core strengthening a day for my sport and I use to be cut but on the pill it wasn't possible. Again this is just how it effected my body. Once I was off I have just started to drop the weight doing nothing different except eating more but still healthy. I have never struggled with weight ever. I would say give it a try but if your acne gets worse stop because it's not for you. One of my friends that it works for also had a ten lb weight gain. She can't get it to budge so she is deciding if she should live with the 10 lbs or start over looking for a treatment that controls her acne but does put the pounds on some. There is no quick fix. I am having to learn the lesson of being patient and finding the treatment that will clear me up. It sucks but I think it will serve me well as a life lesson.
on 27/08/2013
LAST UPDATE FOR SPIRO over 2 months<br/>My daughter has been on 100 mg 1xd for 66 days. She is looking and feeling great. Her acne on her face has cleared and she is basically just dealing with discoloration. This is fading but like with everything related to acne it just takes time. She has experienced no side effects at all. Her chin, jawline and forehead are clear just the light discoloration on cheeks. Totally different girl than she was this summer. Back to confident, carefree, happy girl. She is even using her experience to encourage others. Just a fast side note.... When she first started taking spiro she had been on BCP's for two months. When she was on the pill acne got worse and she gained 12 lbs. she could not get the 12 lbs off and she exercises" big time" daily. For her the pill didn't work at all. She easily dropped the 12lbs after 3 weeks of being off the pill and is back to her incredible fit self. Spiro and the pill can work great together however listen to your body. You don't have to be on the pill for spiro to work. She also has some back acne. It was not clearing as fast as face. Back acne can be very stubborn. A month ago she started using BenzEFoam wash (no generic). She tried generic with no results. Her back is clearing faster now with only a few active spots left. Uses the BenzEFoam Ultra wash and OTC bp. She has to use moisturizer as skin is dry but not noticeable if she is on top of it. She washes with gently cleanser in morning and uses a toner that is homemade with witch hazel and omnicef. Omnicef is an antibiotic that was prescribed. She does not take them orally however we opened all the capsules into the witch hazel to make the toner. Her topical is aczone which she uses both in morning and evenings. She also takes her spiro in the morning with a full glass of water and drinks 2 liters of water through out the day. The constant having to use the bathroom has stopped. No more getting up in the middle of night to pee. At night she uses gentle cleanser along with an "oil of Olay" brush and gently cleanses her face and then applies Aczone. During this process she decided to cut out dairy and processed foods totally. Not sure if this helped acne but she feels a lot better and has no cravings for that stuff anymore. She has always been a pretty healthy eater. If she does one bite is plenty for her, again this is just her own conviction. I think her results luckly just happened early because it can take up to 4-6 months for spiro to kick in. Her pores also look small. I'm so glad that I was so anti accutane for her. Her acne wasn't bad enough for accutane in my opinion. Mentally for her it was and physically it wasn't pretty at all however it wasn't cystic severe all over her face acne. Accutane takes just as long to work as spiro does. As both have side effects with accutane the risk can be very high. I know that I sound anti accutane however I believe that there is a time and place for it. It was not meant for moderate acne. It should be used as a last resort and only after you have really given other things a fair shot. It a serious choice! A few months of trial and error isn't worth the possible side effects that can last a life time or putting your body through the process of completely drying up your insides of all oils to the point that your joints ache ( this is a common side effect of accutane). I am now giving 5 stars to Spiro as it has worked great for moderate to severe acne. She has NO SCARRING AT ALL. Stick with it and give it a chance to work! It's amazing to have my wonderful daughter back with her amazing smile and beautiful spirit. Thank God and hang in there!!!<br/>UPDATE 31 DAYS ON SPIRO<br/>So my daughter has been on Spiro for 31 days. She honestly looks sooo much better with each day. I would say her face is 90% clear and she really doesn't have new breakouts however the old acne is still clearing out. I switched derms ( she is seeing a very well known derm for acne). When she saw her she didn't try to push laser or blue light rather she kept her on the spiro and added a few things to her regimen (prescription washes ect). She took her off BCP as they were not working rather possible working against the Spiro ( the bCP works great for some but my daughter isn't one as she had side effects). Some people have great results with spiro and BCP. She is extremely happy to be off the pill. When I asked if she needed Accutane like the other 2 derms wanted to put her on, her response was " she will clear up without it so NO". The hardest part is that I think this forum is GREAT however everyone's acne is different so just remember that just because something didn't work for one person doesn't mean it won't work for you. I know how hard this is but waiting to let things work is the key. Yes we all want a quick fix and its not there especially if other things have not worked and you have to start at square one. Ugh it was killing me just watching my child go through it. I was just as distrought as she was. Now she isnt as worried b/c i am worried enough for the both of us. She actually sees that it is slowly but steadly working and is much more relaxed. I think her knowing that i am in there fighting this with her gives her great relief however her acne is rarely the topic of our conversations. When she gets ready for school and i tell her how pretty she looks she finally believes me. Plus going to a dermo that was so positive about her progress and future progress was like a 100 lb weight being lifted from her shoulders. Even her dad could tell that the positive and compassionate dermo played a huge role with her stress level. The new things that the new derm put in her regimen seem to be the key to working towards the goal of totally clear skin. The new derm seemed surprised that she was put on spiro without a regimen and I am as well. Again, I feel as thought the old derm just wanted to put her on accutane and be done with it. This new dermo had a completely different angle and was extremely positive regarding her heading to being completely clear.... Not cured but clear. My daughter has self confidence again! One thing I want to mention is that I immediately started to take action when I saw that her acne was getting out of control. This is so important b/c she does not have any scarring which is surprising b/c her breakouts were heavy & thick on chin and along lower cheeks & jaw line (breakout on top of breakout in this area). The derm was very pleased to see that scarring had not started. The sooner you seek treatment the better. Also it is so important not to pick off dry skin, scrub ur face or try to pop pimples. All of that leads to scarring! I will do an update after 60 days on spiro along with her new regimen. The reason for 4 stars and not 5 stars b/c she is not totally clear yet.<br/>All take care, have faith, and remember that you are beautiful inside.<br/>START OF SPIRO<br/>My 16 year old daughter has been stuggling with moderately severe acne for past 8 months. It just seemed to come out of no where. She is an elite athlete and her lack of confidence in the past 3 months has me very concerned. Took her to 1st dermo 6 months ago and she wanted to put her on Accutane before trying anything else. The side effect for an athlete are quite severe. I said "no way"! So they put her on antibiotics and Epiduo. Also during this time we were doing home remedies.... Tea tree oil, zinc, dry vitiman E ect. When she stopped the home remedies in June her acne exploded. I did let her start taking ortho tri cyclen BC. They did say that the BC takes 3 months to start working. After 2 months my beautiful 16 year old went from a confident young lady to someone that was retreating socially and couldn't even look you in the eyes. I made an appointment with a acne specialist ( pediatric dermo). When we went in she just wanted to put