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on 06/03/2014
This product made me breakout in HUGE, PAINFUL clusters of cysts and nodules all over my chin, temples and cheekbones. I thought that it was just my hormones being out of whack. I should have known it was this cleanser. My skin would burn terribly and be bright red after I used it, yet i persisted for about 2 months. When I finally discontinued it, my skin calmed down immediately… and took weeks for my breakouts to heal, leaving my skin scarred horribly due to how large the spots were.
Great for the short run, but acne comes back
on 20/10/2013
I was on minocycline for about a year, it cleared up my acne about 80% - but during that "time of the month", I'd still get about 2 cystic zits. Unfortunately you will either become resistant to this antibiotic or you'll be on it long enough for you to develop health risks... so I stopped taking it around the year mark. I stayed fairly clear for like 6 months past that, and then suddenly, I got the WORST CYSTIC BREAKOUT IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. I'm talking clusters of cysts like 10+ on my cheekbones and chin.... lasted weeks, some even 2 months..... I still have the scars on my face from that breakout..... now I am taking evening primrose oil (1000mg) a day and using a clay masque with sulfur (queen helene's mint julep masque) and my skin has finally relaxed. I have one spot on my face. Anyways, use this if you need a quick fix but by no means is this an acne "cure" cause your acne will eventually return much worse than before (my hormonal breakouts are now conglobata acne cysts, which I never used to get before taking this medication)...