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Don't fall for the hype: do your research
on 07/08/2013
I was the biggest believer in this make-up for so many years. I thought it was a great alternative to liquid foundation. I always stayed away from liquid thinking it would give me pimples. Looking back, I know realize this was the product that made me break out and get cystic acne in the first place. After switching to a liquid foundation (Arbonne brand) I pretty much have stopped getting the huge cysts I always had in high school. I still break out, but no where near as bad as when I used this makeup. I will never go back!
My go-to regimen
on 07/08/2013
First of all, I use this product line along with Arbonne makeup and moisturizer, and all together it REALLY keeps my breakouts under control (I get cysts and pretty bad hormonal acne on my lower cheeks and chin area)<br/>My regimen: I use the face wash day and night. In the morning, after washing, I apply the FC5 normal/dry skin moisturizer (even though my skin is oily, this keeps my face from over producing oil). Then I put on my primer and foundation (also Arbonne). At night after washing, I use the toner, then apply the clarifying lotion to any break outs. I apply the moisturizer on top of this, and the spot treatment to any huge zits.<br/>I think the reason it works well for me is because I counteract any excessive drying by using the moisturizer in addition to the system. I love it! I really like this brand, it works very well for me!