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At the end of the 5th pack---Skin is completely clear
on 05/08/2013
I just finished my 5th pack on this pill, and I must echo others and say you gotta give it a little time!<br/>I had literally NO breakouts in high school (I'm 25 now), but a couple years ago, I started getting one or two big pimples a month around ovulation. It's gotten worse over time, where I would get a few big, painful pimples around my mouth--a small breakout. I would classify my pre-OTC acne as very mild to mild. I went on this pill to get rid of that.<br/>In the second pack of OTC, I got two bad breakouts---worse than I've ever had in my whole life--big, painful, inflamed, horrible acne. I was really sad because I was convinced it was a sign this pill wasn't going to work. BUT I stuck it out, and by the end of the 3rd pack, my skin began to clear. I haven't had a pimple since. I just use cetaphil in the morning and when I go to bed with Aveeno moisturizer, and that's it! No spot treatments or anything needed. I hope it keeps up this way. See my gallery for pictures of the improvement over time!